Thursday, June 12, 2014

Some thoughts on earlier posts. And remembering who we are.

Obama doesn't care. He doesn't care about four Americans in Benghazi, he doesn't care about veterans dying for lack of health care, he doesn't care that Bergdahl is a deserter.

He just doesn't care.

And he certainly doesn't care about this blog your reading now. He knows I'm frustrated, he knows you are too. He knows I think he's a liar and a tyrant. A couple of my posts from the very start of this blog that I have reposted make that infinitely clear.

And he just doesn't care.

Because he IS a tyrant. He has no concern for my opinions, or yours, or even the Congress of The United States. He arbitrarily acts on his own whim, and considers the Constitution only fit to be used as an old, and somewhat outdated, paper to wipe his ass.

What does he care about? Himself. Islam. Power. The trappings of a king.

His narcissistic views are destroying America, and we sit idly by, calling him names and expressing our justified outrage.

I admit to a certain feeling of futility here. A waiting-for-the-other-shoe-to-drop feeling of impending doom. Not only for America, but in a personal and immediate way. It feels like the pursuit of happiness has become a struggle just to survive. Like everything I strive to achieve is going to be taken, so why bother to achieve.

The blood of our forefathers, which I used to literally feel coursing through my own veins, is now a pale and inadequate mix of water and resentment. My drive to excel has become a struggle to go on.

It is quickly coming to the point that my own personal bottom will drop out. That the only point in going on is to ensure the country goes on. I really doubt the country will get better in my own lifetime. But to ensure my grandchildren live in a land that actually is of the free, and home of the brave, THAT has meaning. To oppose tyranny and stand tall, even when you have felt for so long that your stance will not even be noticed by the machine of government rolling over you, that is all that is left.

Everything this fucking usurper has done since coming into office has been a scandal, an embarrassment, or outright illegal. And we keep saying this far and no farther. We keep thinking THIS will be the act that tips American outrage. And waiting for someone to start something. But none of us will. Not me, not you. Our Congress won't. We see that over and over. And they're the ones who are supposed to have the power to do so. Ineffectual cum guzzling sycophants with no more spine than the slugs they emulate.
How are we to stand tall and proud against this tyrant when the ones we elect, the ones we trust, to actually represent US, genuflect whenever the mighty shadow of their god graces them with its shade.

I don't know whether I'm more tired of being ineffectual, or tired of being ashamed of my ineffectiveness.
But I know I'm tired. And it's getting old. You can only take so much from a man before you've taken all he has, and then has nothing left to lose. And the scales tip in the favor of action. To receive an honorable death is at least something that cannot be taken from him.

A certain blogger many of us look up to has decided to cut out some aspects of his blog as he feels his wife was never comfortable with those posts. And I admire this man, though we've never met. And I applaud his decision. He also wants to concentrate more on patriotic posting. But his life isn't all roses either. His wife is legally blind, and medical bills make things tough. A hardworking sumbitch. And you really don't want to take so much from him that he has nothing to lose or cannot care for his wife.

There's another blogger out there who single-handedly (for the most part) raises two daughters with autism. She has the biggest heart of anyone I've ever had the pleasure to know, and always, always, gives to those in need, and supports the III unwaveringly. An honest and self-effacing woman. You don't want to take so much from her she won't have the ability to care for her girls. Things could get ugly.

There's an old fart of a blogger out in Washington, (the state, not that cesspool the usurper lives in), who has become a close friend in my view. Never met him, but feel like I know him well. I also know he busts his butt to make a living, takes care of feral cats with kittens, adores his wife, and bitches about, yet always takes care of, his sister in law. (Actually, he's usually just complaining about fixing her car, when he wants to be working on his...) He's a good man. But he too knows what life is like being a rebel. Doing whatever needs doing, or just what feels good at the time. He may be old and staid now, even stodgy and decrepit, but you never forget how to deal with shit from assholes who want to take what you worked for. And he is a patriot, and the freedoms of this country feel good. I would advise against trying to take them away from him.

There are so many patriots out there. And knowing this keeps things in perspective for me. This country is not yet done. There are too many of us you really don't want to take our freedom from.
We are patriots. We are threepers. We are the III percent who will fight for our rights, and those of others. And we are Americans. With all that entails.

Don't even try to take that away.

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