Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Why do we need immigration reform?

The vast majority of people in America have ancestry in this country of less than two hundred years. Immigrants built this country. Immigrants came here from other lands because this was the land of the free and if you worked hard, obeyed America's laws, you could find 'the dream'.

I doubt most of you reading this give a shit that my ancestors were German on one side and Dutch on the other. That I'm a good ol' white boy doesn't matter any more than if I were an upstanding black man.

We don't need immigration reform. We need immigrants who understand this is still OUR country. And if you want to be here, you have to want to BE an American.
Not an African-Amerian, Not an Asian-American, Not even an American-Indian. We aren't the United dash States dash of dash America. We don't call ourselves California-Americans, or Michigan-Americans. Some of us work the land, some of us provide service, some of us run businesses. We pay taxes that until Big Government got involved, are voluntary and at our will to run our schools, pave our roads, and pay for those we feel are necessary to grease the skids of government.

If you think things are better here, come on over! Work hard, play by OUR rules, and you are welcome to stay and become a citizen. If you want it, you work for it.

But when we have Americans who are 'immigrating' to government, once called 'public service', in order to become some kind of Super-American; when you start feeling like working in law enforcement, some .gov three letter agency, or politics in general makes you outside the laws that the rest of us are subject to, then we have a problem.

Our government caused the 'problem' we have with immigration. Instead of being the land of opportunity, we have become the land of handouts. Foreigners aren't coming here to better themselves anymore, they're coming here to be taken care of.
Meanwhile, our own government, trying to buy the vote of the illegal, continues to give them more and more of our money, while stifling the ability to live 'the dream' by regulating us out of business, increasing 'rules' (government agencies don't pass laws, they just make up rules without input of congress that have the force of law) that are increasingly restricting, but raise revenue in fines and taxes that they can turn over to the new "Americans', the immigrant.

I guess they force immigration reform down our throats like they do everything else: an attempt to keep us from waking up, and distracting us from the need for government reform.

When we stop treating our public officials like royalty we can start this reform. When has it EVER made sense to spend Millions of dollars to get a job that pays Thousands? Its not for the money, and it hasn't been 'for the people' for a long long time. Its about the power. Being one of the elite. Do you really believe a couple thousand a year means anything to a man who spends millions on lavish vacations for his Mooch and the offspring? When a president can spend massive amounts of OUR money on parties for and of only the 'elite' in OUR house, that WE allow him to live in rent free for four to eight years, its not government, its rule.

The 'lifestyles of the rich and famous' of our politicians has them so far out of touch with the average American, those of us who get up and go to a job we hate, or work two jobs, or need help to survive, has created such a rift between the have's and the have-not's that IS the problem, that 'immigration' isn't even an issue. To them. To us its a loss of jobs, loss of taxes to repair our roads, help our needy, and loss of freedom.

Fuck immigration reform. You come here, you work. Or you starve. The exact same way America was built. And fuck the government. You go to Washington, you work. Or starve. Maybe we should have performance based pay rather that position based perks for our government. Maybe then it WILL be OUR government.

Think for a moment about 'The Great Depression". People got by helping themselves, bartering with neighbors, personal charity, and even hobos were willing to work (for the most part) for their meals.
Do you honestly believe this will work today? Raw milk has been outlawed. Gardens are illegal. Barter is not allowed, as the government doesn't get 'its' share.

We are not allowed to be self sufficient. We must comply. Or we are at best fined, and at worst incarcerated. Modern inventions make it easier than ever to live off the grid, but it still takes a great deal of hard work and time. And the time is not something we have to spend. The average and majority of Americans could not make this happen, as working a job (or two) to make ends meet, pay the electric, the water bill, the gas bill, the yearly taxes, the insurance payments, the car payment, transportation costs. The list goes on and on. Even taking a two week break for vacations is hardly heard of anymore. And the need for both parents to find employment in order to meet these increasing needs, leaves more of our impressionable youth being impressed on the streets. Family values? WHAT family? And with more opportunity for preditation of our youth, more and more of them are learning the 'something for nothing' attitudes that lead to criminal action and acts of immorality and violence. And our government's willingness to support the unworthy increases and promotes a continuation of all of it.

But immigration reform is easy. Government reform would take sacrifice. And who has time for that?

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