Saturday, June 21, 2014

a good read

I'm still trying to get caught up on my emails and my favorite blogs (you know who you are!),  but came across a post over at Two Ice Floes, that I found thought provoking and amazingly accurate.
Here's a couple of excerpts. Enjoy, and stop over at the red link for the whole post.

The fact that your home has never been robbed in the past is not a glowing testimonial to the quality of your locks or to the ineptitude of any potential burglars. Rather it is a tribute to blind luck, a good neighborhood or possibly even that you own really lousy stuff no fence would pay a plumb nickel for. One of the best defenses is a strong offense, or in this case to own what no one else wishes to possess. If after leaving the keys and a hundred dollar bill on the dash of your unlocked vehicle, only to return the next morning to find both cash and car intact, you know for certain your vehicle is truly yours.
On the other hand, if you do the same with your ‘inalienable rights’ and find each morning another piece has been stolen, maybe it isn’t the thief so much to blame as the idiots who continue to leave them unattended at the curb stamped with an open invitation to ‘steal these rights’. Or is one of our inalienable rights the ‘right’ to be as inattentive and stupid as possible and still have the ‘right’ to retain our ‘rights’? It certainly seems to be that way.

Similar to the situation where it is almost impossible to get a person to believe “A” if they are paid to believe “B”, those individuals and groups who have rejected their personal sovereignty and outsourced their emotional and physical security to questionable individuals, groups and nations, now find themselves increasingly in danger from their very own protectors.
Irrevocably compromised on a moral, emotional and spiritual level and now physically threatened, suddenly their needs and wants merge into one compelling force. They must now ignore or greatly diminish evidence contrary to what they both need and want; to believe they are safe and those entrusted with their safe keeping will in fact honor the unilateral bargain previously struck. When the devil is in the details, ignore or outright reject the details and trust the devil you believe you know.
Once this recognition is thoroughly embodied, often only on the subconscious level with stray threads leaking over to the conscious mind, the primary mission of the individual and the group is to support and adhere to that which is now controlling us, the desire to ‘believe’ we are safe in the face of contrary information. At this point the information illustrating “We the People” are not safe (especially from our protectors) becomes more dangerous to ‘us’ than the protectors themselves.
This is where both the individual and collective ego kicks in to leverage our fears against us in order to ‘protect’ ourselves from us……or more accurately from an increased self awareness which the ego sees as threatening to ‘us’. For those who don’t understand the power we afford our ego over ourselves, and it is our own innate power that we cede, this explanation seems nonsensical, even ridiculous. But of all the manipulators in our lives, both securely hidden or out in the open, our own ego is by far the most powerful because ‘it’ knows us much better than we know ourselves and isn’t afraid to use that knowledge to control and manipulate……for the greater good of ‘us’ of course.

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