Sunday, June 29, 2014

a confession

When I started this whole blogging shit, it was because I started following a few other bloggers out there, and quite honestly, wanted to be respected and liked the way they obviously were. Okay, so I'm needy. Screw you. I was recently disabled, couldn't get around, felt useless, and needed to do something or give in to the pending doom of depression.

I figured, once I was getting a whole hundred hits a day, that I may as well make a little pocket change while I was playing around. So I started with adsense. I made a total of just over a hundred dollars in three months if I recall right. Not a lot, but a couple of sixpacks or a pack of smokes I didn't have to worry about... (I have been struggling to quit smoking, and have gone about a month. I thought this shit was supposed to get easier with time...)

Well, me and adsense had a falling out. I'm not going to be told that this post or that picture is too risqué or downright crude to put on my blog. I admit to posting naked wimmen. I LIKE naked wimmen. And I try to make them 'decently naked' if such a thing exists. More Playboy than Hustler, and you guys get to say you come here to read the articles!

I do have 'this space for rent' options available, but have to date had one sponsor for 4 months. And ya know what? I could give a crap! Would I like to make some money here? Damn right I would. Is it why I blog? Hell no!

I absolutey HATE doing this blog. And I absolutely LOVE doing this blog. I know people I would never have (electronically) known, and call them friend. I have "met" people who I know beyond any doubt would have my back. And if called, I would have theirs. Unconditionally.  I have seen generosity and community here that is seldom seen in the 'real' world.

I have been getting over a thousand hits a day for almost a month. Not a big deal for some of the bloggers I follow, but I feel acceptance and yes, that I am respected and liked, and my opinions are valid. So I'll probably keep this shit going. Damn.

So, thank you to all those who have accepted me into this community. And damn you to all those who have accepted me into this community!

I appreciate you all.

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Odysseus said...

You're welcome, damnit;)