Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Anonymous said...

I really love these asshats that post their opinion under the mask of anonymity. I don't mean the group ANONYMOUS that has their freedom at stake, I'm talking those who state their opinion with no fear of consequence other than being known as a retard by the people on the internet.

Now I could give a shit what you think of me. I don't care if you don't agree with me. And I welcome comment that enters into a meaningful discourse and change of ideas.

Just don't bother starting out accusing me of some bullshit (i.e.: Racism, Cop hating, Sexism) just because you think differently. That is an attack right off the bat, and neither impresses me, concerns me, or furthers your cause. Just because you can yell louder doesn't make you right. (Pay attention here, Dems.)

So I thought I'd give an example of someone who, though anonymous, knows who they are, and how the whole exchange of ideas goes when you have no facts and don't bother to research the opposition to your opinion. You sound something like this guy who commented on my post Why Do Cops Carry Guns:


Anonymous said...
Great. More cop bashing. I don't know what that article says (the link requires that I log in to google, and I am not going to give those assholes any more of my info than they already have) but cops DO carry guns to protect the public. It says right in the LAW. Lethal force is justified to defend yourself or another person from the imminent threat of loss of life or serious bodily injury. It even says it in our policy. "... even at the expense of your own life." Cops face more threats than most people because they are called to dangerous situations. Green grocers aren't.

Are there bad cops? Of course. Just like there are bad priests, teachers, account reps and ball players.

Get to know some cops. The VAST majority are the same as you. Most of them are probably more conservative/libertarian.

But don't worry. Regardless of how you feel, when your wife or daughter calls 911, the cops will still come. So, go ahead and hate us. We don't do what we do to be loved. We do it because we have honor.

Xeno, you disappoint me.
Xenolith said...
ZOMG, I disappointed Anonymous! Who hasn't even the balls to post his name. What SHALL I do?!

I wasn't cop bashing, although I have lost all respect for the organization that calls themselves 'peacekeepers' I do realize that there are actually some good ones out there.

Not YOU per se, but some.

And the article you chose not to go to is that a hotel in Detroit wouldn't rent to a conference unless THEY paid for 24 hour police protection to the hotel.

I always thought cops were ALREADY paid, by OUR taxes, to protect 'the public', even if NOT the individual by the decree of the SCOTUS!

And you state that "Lethal force is justified to defend yourself or another person from imminent threat of loss of life, blah, blah, blah....". By your own words, I should be allowed to carry as a gun is the SUREST way to ensure 'lethal force'. I'd say its pretty much a force multiplier! Which is why whenever possible, my Wife AND daughter go armed. So we don't have to wait on a cop on his coffee break, or fucking his mistress.
Oh, and as an aside: Just recently here in Oklahoma, TWO cops were shot during a State Trooper 'safety training' exercise.
So go ahead and be disappointed. Just don't come back.
Xenolith said...
And you're right a 'green grocer' doesn't have to go into dangerous situations. They come to him in the form of armed criminals.
When seconds count, cops are only minutes away.
Anonymous said...
Your site-your rules. I'm out.
June 7, 2014 at 8:33 PM
Ya know what? that last comment was the only one where he was right! AND there isn't anything to argue about...

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