Monday, June 23, 2014

Any Jews out there?

And I'm not being racist here. If there are any who remember the Holocaust, I would really appreciate it if you could speak up about how it felt to have armed thugs busting in your doors in the dead of night. How terrifying that must have been.
Of course, that was Nazi Germany. It could NEVER happen here. 'Cause, 'Merica! and all that shit!

So, with the knowledge that we are all comfy safe in our home fortress of American Security, how would you like this shit to happen to you, especially with signs all over saying you were armed?
This would be amazing shit if it weren't typical of our police 'force' these days:

The rise of SWAT teams nationwide, the number of annual SWAT deployments in the U.S., has gone from a few hundred in the ’70s, to 30,000 per year in the early ’80s, to 50,000 in 2005. That’s 100, 150 times a day in this country you have these heavily armed police teams breaking into homes, and the vast majority of times it’s to enforce laws against consensual crimes.
So when should SWAT be used?  Most would agree that there are some circumstances that would warrant a high-risk extraction team that would be perfectly handled by Special Weapons And Tactics.  But once a SWAT team is acquired, departments have a way of finding uses for them.  As policestateusa.com contributor Lt. Harry Thomas put it, drawing from his career in law enforcement:

SWAT is a legitimate concept, and is needed in cases of barricaded persons, hostage situations, etc. But most agencies, even big ones, go for months and sometimes years without experiencing such events. The toys gathered dust. Officials and concerned taxpayers asked, “What do you NEED this stuff for?”  No need? CREATE a need!  And that’s why things that used to be handled in a low-key, non-confrontational way by street-savvy beat cops now require SWAT intervention, including routine service of warrants for insignificant and non-violent offenses

And this one:

Guerena approached the front door toward the source of the noises.   Wearing only his boxer shorts, he defensively waited in the hallway for the unidentified bad guys to make their move.  Within seconds the door was battered in.  After a brief silence, Guerena peered around the corner.  Four police officers unleashed a barrage of bullets down the hallway.  A fifth one scurried up to the doorway and stuck his gun down the hallway, not wanting to miss his opportunity to participate in a kill.  For 10 seconds the shots continued, a total of 71 in all.

And for the record: Guerena's gun was found splattered with his blood, still on safe.

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