Sunday, June 15, 2014

Turn Here Rose

On Friday, I packed everything up to spend the night out on the 'farm'. When Rose got home, we loaded the car and headed out. (Rose is getting used to where the driveway is, finally, and we didn't miss the turn this time. I usually just shut up an tell her after she's passed!) I used my HUGE billboard tarp to set up camp, and built a fire in what used to be the house fireplace, a big metal hearth like thing I set up for my campfire after knocking the old chimney down. (It was coming apart and would have fallen soon anyway...)

Well, I had forgotten to pack up an extension cord for my baby generator, so while I started dinner, Rose ran into town to pick one up. And an air mattress, as she's not a big fan of dirt sleeping. I have to admit, I was fairly impressed. Noble is out of the way from our ride out from Norman, OK, but its closer to the land. Rose made it to town with no problem, and she actually didn't get lost on the way back. This is an achievement, as she gets lost in Norman, and we've lived here 5 years....

While she was gone, I threw some Italian sausages in my wire camp grill, and put it over the top of the fireplace. By the time she got back, they were cooked all the way, and we had a nice little dinner.
Afterwards, we played with the dogs some. Had a ball and some tied up pieces of hemp rope, and they played fetch and tug of war. All in all a nice relaxing evening. Before we went to bed, Rose on her mattress (twin size) and me on my blanket covered tarp, we were treated to the 'honey moon' coming up. Absolutely gorgeous! And of course, I didn't take any pictures. I usually get caught up in the land, or the work, or just the moments, and just don't think about grabbing my phone. Sorry folks. I'll try harder next time, and show you my campfire setup. I wish I had gotten a picture, as it was a fairly innovative setup. Rose kinda laughed at me the next morning, as I got up before her and made breakfast, while she was still sleeping, and when she got up, I had put the pan up on top, and told her "your breakfast is in the warmer". Meanwhile, I was still waiting for the coffee water, as I can't work without my caffeine fix!

After my coffee, it was haul brick pieces by the bucketful, while Rose cut and pulled all the weeds and thistles growing in and around the foundation. I was having a pretty tough time, as starting the fire Saturday morning, I tripped and caught my leg on the foundation wall while getting wood. A nice bruise and some swelling made for a long day. But it always feels good to get as much as I can done, even though sometimes it looks like I haven't even made a dent after hours of trudging.

The pool is about an eighth full of water from the recent rains we've been having, and its brackish and covered in muck. Some loud-mouthed frog has moved in, and croaked half the night. But I guess he keeps the mosquitos down, which I can appreciate. If I can, I'll try to catch him before I pour a bunch of bleach in there. Gonna be a bitch emptying it. My original plan was to make it either a cold storage, or covered green house for winter plants, but Rose wants me to repair it and make it a pool again, so.... What Rosie wants, Rosie gets. Unfortunately, its not high on my priorities list yet...

Looked like it was setting up to rain in the afternoon, so we packed up earlier than I would have liked, and drove 'home'. Of course it cleared up, and pissed me off. Had an easy two or three more hours of work I coulda did. Probably for the best though. Got home and took a hot shower, and still had to take a couple of pain pills. I hate those things, but sometimes my shoulder makes it necessary.

Well, that's it for the Farm Report. I'll get some pictures one of these days, Promise!


Phil said...

Ya know, for some reason I was thinking about you last night and wondering if you had a little generator for out there.
Glad to hear you do.
It does sound like you could use a small cart for hauling shit around though.

Any ideas on how you are going to pump out that pool?

Xenolith said...

I'm thinking of a small sump pump from Harbor Freight. That's where I got my generator. Originally 198.00 marked down to 89.00 on sale, and a coupon for 20% off that. Its only 800 watts/6.5 Amps max rated, but it does what I need it to.