Monday, June 16, 2014

Mondays are MINE

I take Mondays off. I make it a point to do the laundry, cook dinner, and keep the dishes done throughout the week. Rose and I both make sure everything is caught up over the weekend, while trying to spend some time working on Turn Here Rose.
Now, I still cook dinner on Monday, as cooking is not a chore. For me, its a privilege to have others enjoy a meal I create.
Today was Monday. And our microwave died yesterday, so I figured I'd have some fun today, and cannibalize it to see what I could make out of it. (You may remember my posts on metal melters and spot welders from Friday's tips, tricks and tools!
But ya know what? Today sucked!
Both my wife and I spent more time than usual at the farm this weekend, and I was going to wash the sheets today, plus a load of whites. And,  I admit to leaving some pans from yesterday, and figured I'd do them today.

Well, my dogs got into our winter clothes, packed away in those vacuum type bags that we store under the bed, and after the sheets I had to rewash them, and get the whites done. So I figured I'd take care of the laundry, (sheets, whites, and winter clothes), and wash the pans before playing with the microwave, and then start dinner. Just as an aside, dinner was to consist of pork chops, fried in jelly and mustard with some water to cook down into a nice 'sweet and sour' glaze, baked potatoes with bacon, sour cream, and shredded cheddar, mixed with the scooped out flesh as a filling and rebaked, and some butter sautéed corn, (shamefully out of a can....)

And the washer quit, halfway through washing the whites. I unplugged it. I tested the socket, (118 volts by my multimeter), turned it off, turned it on, cussed it, kicked it, and finally decided it wasn't working. (You can see my brilliance in the face of adversity here!). Finally, I grabbed a small hand powered water pump (7.99 at Harbor Freight!) and pumped the washer out. Of course, you know it had to stop during the wash cycle! Then, I had to get my hand truck, push the washer up and slide the truck under so I could move it out from the wall. After taking the back off, I noticed a burned connection going to the motor. Figured it was fried, as a connection to the motor usually means the motor itself died. But, I didn't smell any electrical burning smell, so figured I might as well hope for the best. So after more cussing and being pissed that my Monday was already well and truly fucked, I broke out my electrical bag and replaced the connection, soldering the wire to the point where the original connection had been.

Fuck me! It worked!

So I was putting the back on the washer when the wife came home. Didn't make dinner, didn't get the winter clothes done, and still had to do the pans from yesterday.

But, EVERYTHING is done. Clothes are on the line. Every dish in the house is clean, pans included, and the washer works again. Broke down and took a couple of pain pills, as my entire arm was throbbing, and I can feel them taking effect. I'll be out soon. But....

I'm taking tomorrow off...


Jesse in DC said...

Nothing like the sense of accomplisment in the face of adversity...Not bad for a Monday

hiswiserangel said...

I bow to you, faced with that, I would have given up and gone back to bed.