Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday's Tips, Tricks, and Tools

Security. A must have for peace of mind. Maybe if we get rid of Obama, it won't be such an issue, but as that is becoming increasingly unlikely as he fortifies his kingship, we must do what we can to ensure our own safety and that of our loved ones.

So, as I camp on some empty land I'm trying to fix up, with no protection from either two or four legged varmints, I take some measures to ensure an early warning system for intruders. In other words; Security.

1. A dog. I always take one of my dogs with me (or more). Now one of my dogs, and my favorite to camp with, is Scooter. Only ten pounds, and lazy as hell. And if it came to an encounter, he would do his best to not run away until he had too. Like as soon as someone or something got into camp!
But he has a lot keener senses than me. Which is not surprising, as my wife tells me often that I have NO sense.... and he notices varmints even when asleep. The smallest noise brings him instantly awake, and he will look in the direction of the disturbance and start growling. If he starts to feel threatened, which granted doesn't take much, he barks.
A threat known is a threat halved. If I know I'm about to have company of one type or another, I have a small amount of time to prepare if a defense is needed. Always take a dog if you have one. If you don't have, let me know, I'll rent you one of mine. Cheap.

2. I take a generator with me. It weighs only about 35 lbs, as its a fairly small one, but I don't like to have to lug it around more than necessary. Quite often, I'm using it away from the camp, and if I need a break, or a quick trip to the jakes, I ain't carrying it to camp just to have to carry it back out a short time later. I place the generator next to a stump, log, heavy rock, something that will take a bit of pulling to move, and tie one end of a pull-activated fire cracker that sounds like a gun going off to it. The other end I secure to one of the feet of the generator, with the 'cracker placed out of sight. If someone were to try a snatch and grab, its unlikely they would notice the small strings, and I get notice that my shit is trying to walk away. I trust I can run faster than someone carrying a 35 lb generator. (Also see tip 3 below.)

At night, I also use these with 10lb fishing line tied to each end string and around the perimeter of my camp, about 15-20 feet out. I usually have at least four spread out around the camp, with the fish line between them. You can not see these at night. Trust me. More than once, I've damned near caused my dogs to have a heart attack when I make a trip to the jakes and forgot where I put the line...

(For a high tech version of this: From Brite-Strike Technologies comes the Camp Alert Perimeter Security System (CAPSS), a 135dB audible alarm unit with red lens flashlight and blue flashing LEDs. The CAPSS comes with two rolls of trip wire, two nylon zip ties, eight inches of adhesive mounting tape, and two blue all-purpose adhesive light strips (APALS). Contained in a box the size of a bar of soap, the CAPSS takes up little room in a pack and retails for about $35.)

3. I am always armed, or have a purely defensive weapon (or more) within arms reach. What they are, I ain't saying. I'd hate to give anyone a fair advantage in knowing what they face. That would be telling. Suffice to say, all of them are lethal.

Hopefully this post gets you thinking of not only protecting your house, but protecting your area. If you fail in protecting yourself when you're here, getting there is moot.

Any other ideas? I'd love to hear them. I need all the help I can get!

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