Sunday, June 22, 2014

Since when?

Since when are cops not civilians? I was watching a video (thanks to The Outrider) about a 70 year old man who was beaten by cops, because they suspected he was passed out drunk when he was actually out due to low blood sugar.

According to the report, the two cops were cleared by a board of 7 cops, and 7 civilians. The police are not a military branch. One would think by the nature of their position of 'peace keepers' they should be the epitome of the 'civil'ian. But not so much since the militarization of the force. Even the fact that we call them a force shows how much the point of having them is more farce than force itself.

By calling us civilians, and themselves the force, they are effectively distancing themselves from society as a whole, and we have all seen that they no longer feel constrained by the laws that they expect us to follow.

We have politicians who feel they are the ruling class, law officers who feel they are above the law, and we the people, with special emphasis on those of us who call ourselves Patriots in a desire to see constitutional law restored, are the enemy.

Its funny. I don't feel like anyone's enemy. My only goal in life is to be left alone while letting everyone else live their life in whatever way pleases them. And if I am not violating the rights of others, then I'm not breaking any laws. Its a sick and delusional society that feels the need to control free citizens by taking away their liberties, ensuring free trade is regulated beyond any hope of bettering one's life, and taxing the populace into poverty. If I want to drink 'raw' milk, I shouldn't have to buy a cow. If I choose to enter into a business deal with a person for sex, that's my business. If I can take care of my family through the result of my own sweat and effort, than I should be allowed to do so.

Let's get the NSA involved here: I am a sovereign person. I am an individual free citizen. And if you want to use police 'force' to coerce me into submission to unjust laws, or to follow illegal concepts that violate either my rights or the rights of others in their own 'pursuit of happiness', than I also have the right to refuse, and the right to reciprocate with my own 'force'.


Chris Mallory said...

I tend to use the following definitions.
Civilians are government employees not in the military.
People not in the employ of the government are citizens.
People not involved in active fighting are non combatants.

The people calling me a civilian pisses me off. I am a CITIZEN. They work for me.

Xenolith said...

Chris, that's a fairly precise view! I could have saved myself a shitload of words using just those four sentences! And by that definition, 'cops' are most definitely 'civilians'!