Tuesday, June 17, 2014

No, I'm NOT gay. But fuck you anyway!

I got an enquiry about my post yesterday about how my Monday sucked.
NO, I am not gay. I cook, I do laundry, and I take care of the house. BECAUSE I'M FUCKING DISABLED.
I have worked all my life, supported my family, and done whatever a man has to do to stand tall and hold his head up.
Now? I have no right shoulder, and I'm right handed, and every movement of my arm causes me pain.
And ya know what? I STILL FUCKING USE IT.
Do I baby it? Damn straight I do! It fucking hurts! Every second of every waking moment.
But I do what I have to, and if it means taking care of the laundry, cleaning things up, and doing the dishes, then FINE! I'll do it. Because my wife goes to work every day like I used to did. I may no longer be the "man" of the house. But ya know what? FUCK YOU, if I have to be the 'woman' of the house, I will. Because I AM a man.


Wraith said...

Here's to ya, brother--a Man does what has to be done, and makes himself useful to others, somehow, some way. It's what we do. It's who we are. And fuck anyone who doesn't get that.

Jesse in DC said...

Jesus, really? I always figured that being a full on partner with your WIFE was one of the things that makes a marriage successful. And you clearly have to overcome adversity that no one but you really understands. If they can't deal with that, fuck em.

hiswiserangel said...

Anyone who truly knows you, knows better than to question your manhood. Knows you are a True Man in every sense of the word.
Anyone who doesn't know you well enough to know this doesn't matter.


Phil said...

Filed under basic Maintenance.

There ain't a damn thing wrong with doing chores pal, someone has to do them.
What's the fucking difference?
If you were a single man, you would be doing them anyway.

My hat is off to ya.

At least you have the stones to keep doing SOMETHING, instead of crawling into a bottle and having a permanent pity party.

You can trust me when I say I know about living with pain.

I fucked up my lower back when I was 20 years old and lived in misery for years.

I went through TWELVE motherfucking doctors before one of them figured out what was wrong, had five hours of surgery to take a piece of bone out of my hip and use it to fuse two vertebrae together where they meet the pelvis after they took out two discs.

It didn't heal right and I have lived with the pain for thirty fucking years.

I fucking dare someone to go through that and then do what I do for a living.

So like I said, my hat is off to ya pal.