Thursday, June 12, 2014

Typical Bush, add two L's and an it, and ya got BULLSHIT

George HW Bush is jumping out of a helicopter to parachute on his 90th birthday. With a buddy. Holding him.

What a sick copy of our 93 year old patriot from the anniversary of D-Day.

Any respect I may have had for Daddy Bush (not a lot to begin with) is gone. Fucking commentators on Fox News stating how graceful it is, how brave.

Its a fucking PARODY, folks. Its a sad attempt to show how wonderful our government officials, past and present, are Oh So Majestic! If they could have found a former president, hell, even a former governor OLDER than our D-Day patriot, they'd have shoved HIM out of a helicopter.

All Hail our heroes in government. If they could have, they'd have shoved him out with only his wheelchair and a parasol.

And yes, I know he did it at 85. But its not heroic, its not honorable, its a stunt. And nothing else.

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