Friday, August 23, 2019

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

A moment of silence today

For the wife and 14 year old son of Randy Weaver.
Today is the 27th anniversary of their ignoble death at the hands of out of control rogues.
'Nuff said.
God bless and Godspeed.

There's just so much wrong here

My post from yesterday about some punk playing on his iphone while laying with his feet up on a sofa included a picture of this miscreant. And I got to thinking about how and why this guy had me literally ready to go total bat shit crazy.
That ONE picture had so many things wrong in it.

A punk kid in the middle of a summer day lounging inside. With his fucking dirty ass shoes up on the couch. Not out enjoying the beautiful  weather, but INSIDE.

Not only just lounging, but playing on a cellphone that most likely would cost me two weeks pay, and since he's farting around with nothing else to do, I seriously doubt he has a job. You know, to actually EARN the money for that phone.

Not only on his cellphone, but in the LIBRARY! You know, that building that had all those BOOKS?

And not JUST books, but books on history, and struggle, and tales of people who have given their very lives so others can be free.

And not just those, but books on PROPER  parenting, and etiquette, and laws. Books on how to behave in a polite society, and perpetuate these societies.

I didn't walk over and knock the phone out of his hand and kick his dirty ass off the couch, even though that was my first inclination. Probably BECAUSE I was raised better than he obviously was. Although I admit I desperately WANTED to. And offered to bring to his attention the error of his ways, even though my offer was declined.

I was ANGRY.
THIS is not how children should be raised. Angry at him. Angry at his parents. Even angry with the library personnel who put up with this shit, and I genuinely like these old school marm ladies.

I didn't even THINK about the sharp edged tool on my belt, or in my pocket, or hanging from a lanyard around my neck as a deterrent to stop his rude behavior. Nor would I have pulled a gun had I been carrying.

That's not how I was RAISED to treat these tools. And maybe that's why that guy bothered me so much. HE represents so much that IS wrong in our country.

Selfishness. Lack of empathy. Self-centeredness. And the total disregard for ANYTHING other than ourselves being instilled in our anti-social upcoming generations.

Oh. And let me close with one of my favorite lines from "Lonesome Dove" by Cap'n Call after he beats the shit out of some asshole who desperately deserved it, then noticed folks watching him:

"I can't abide rudeness in a man."

Seems about right...

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

SOME doxxing I get....

Personally, I think if a government official were to publish a list, ANY list, with my name and address on it, I'd be incensed. Granted, the addresses of all those donors businesses and such are public record, but he published them for the SOLE purpose of having those people/businesses doxxed due to their political beliefs.
I just think that's low.
I also don't agree with publishing everyone's name charged in a crime. Person does a crime, gets caught, charged, and pays the penalty, be it fine or time served, its over and done with.
But SOME doxxing I can get behind. Like people who are rude. Or self centered. I believe they should be called out so if nothing else, they pay the price through public shame.
I walked into my local library today, and as I walked to the reading area to see if the book I had chosen was one I could get into, I saw some FUCKING PUNK laying on one of the couches, feet all over the damn thing, playing on his phone.
I can understand wanting to publicly call out assholes like that. I even volunteered to improve his manners at no charge, but the little old lady librarians asked me to not say or do anything. They didn't like to have "scenes".
So I sat there literally fuming over this punk's lack of manners, respect for others property, whether it be public or private I assume, and at his parents who couldn't be bothered to teach him right.
So yeah, I think dirt bags like this SHOULD be called out. If a proper upbringing can't do the trick, I'd think public shaming might. Of both him AND his parents.
That being said, anyone recognize this scum from the library in Hart, Mi.? Got a couple of local public notice boards I need to update.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

I've said it before

We as a country have become almost unlettered compared to the ability of our forefathers. If you don't believe me, read the Constitution, or Declaration of Independence some time. Beautiful!

Or try the Immigration Act of 1882: (emphasis mine to highlight the beauty of the language of the time...)

If on such examination there shall be found among such passengers any convict, lunatic, idiot, or any person unable to take care of him or herself without becoming a public charge, they shall report the same in writing to the collector of such port, and such person shall not be permitted to land.

Poetry. Pure poetry...

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Have you seen Dr. Pimple Popper?

There's this doc that has a program on cable called Dr. Pimple Popper. She's a dermatologist that pops folks pimples on TV to the delight and occasional disgust of her viewers.
What can I say? My wife watches her. My wife is weird.

But the premise of the show is that her clients are nice people, and most of them have a distinct feeling of being ostracized by society due to a skin condition, most often in the form of a large ugly bump in a prominent place, be it head, neck, shoulder, butt, whatever, that other people look down at them for, or make fun of them because of.

And here comes the reason for this post. Its not about pimples. Its about the stigma that these people go through due to no fault of their own. Fate has seen fit to place a large fatty mass or unsightly blemish in a visible location, and other people treating them as if they are lepers. They travel from all parts of the country, and often other parts of the world, to go to an understanding dermatologist to remove said offending blob/blotch. And the transformation in their demeanor is nothing less than amazing.
They go from mousy, quiet, self-deprecation, to grateful, jubilant, self-assured individuals all due to the way they feel about other's perception of them.

So, the purpose of this post is: Mental perception. Kinda. Maybe the perception of others that we feel comes from a label placed on us describing others perception of us.

We want to use mental disease as a reason to Red Flag others that in the eyes of so-called normal people, should not own a gun.

But what if the stigma of being just labeled mentally deficient is enough to make a potentially violent person fail to seek the professional help that would otherwise cause them to behave in a non-violent manner? There are those already who stop taking medications necessary to control their behavior simply because they feel this stigma. Add to it the legal rigmarole of going to court to prove they are mentally fit to own a gun they legally purchased in the first place just because a neighbor stopped by and saw their prescription left out on the coffee table?

Simple depression, which everyone feels occasionally to one degree or another, can become overwhelming following certain events. The loss of a loved one, or other personal catastrophe, can often require medical intervention to get through. Doesn't make a person nuts. Just needs a helping hand and possibly stronger assistance to get through this separate instance of trial.

It does NOT mean they are going to go on a major shooting spree, or that they would even entertain the thought.

If I had to choose between a homicidal manic depressive taking medication to keep him sane, but happens to own a couple of guns,  and one who stops taking his meds due to the stigma of requiring said medication, but only owns a very nice selection of sharp cutlery, I'll take the medically controlled sane one any day....

But in our day of guilty until proven innocent, and finger pointing and labeling any deviation from what others find to be the norm, it seems our only recourse will be to smile through our pain from this point on. No option to seek ANY mental assistance from a certified professional, due to the fear of being Red Flagged, having jackboots breaking down your door, confiscating your weapons, and having to prove you aren't nuts in front of a judge, and having your sanity questioned publicly. This causing more whispers behind your back and stressors that cause the problems in the first place. A blemish on your reputation and societal standing not even Dr. Pimple Popper can remove.
Until, of course,  the pain builds to the breaking point due to fear of being labeled and the finger being pointed, and we actually do 'go off'. Self fulfilling prophecies are no less valid than any other I guess...

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Ever get tired of...

... Self-proclaimed 'experts' with a mile long list of pedigrees and world-wide claims to experiences beyond counting?
I know I do. Especially those whose blog requires signing up to some service or other to post a comment, because "Bill" is a professional outdoor/wildlife writer and is a professional fly fishing instructor and guide as well as a professional hunting expert. He is an avid outdoors-man with expertise in hunting, firearms, archery, cutlery, outdoor survival, camping, and kayak touring. If you liked this article and want to read more from Bill, check out his Amazon Author Page. And for "today only" you can buy this, that and the other thing, for a limited time, at this special introductory price, while supplies last.

Everyone is a fucking expert these days.

Which I guess makes me an expert bullshit detector.

I have a lifetime of experience. I've lived the entire time I've been on this planet, and know exactly how I've handled everything I've ever come across. And what worked and what didn't. For ME.

So I guess that makes me an expert at life. And due to my expertise, you can trust that what worked for me will work for you too!

I'm not one of those experts that want you to buy some cheap crap to prove your appreciation of my advice as to what you should do in your life though. I'm much more altruistic.

I won't sell you shit.

Just send money anyway....

guns, and why we need them.

Let me preface by giving my heartfelt condolences to all those victims who lost their lives in the senseless violence perpetrated by mentally deficient scum over the weekend, and throughout our recent history in this country. And to those left behind that have been denied their loved ones presence in their lives.

These are acts of violence incomprehensible in a civil society. And so unnecessary.

We do not need to take guns away from the people. The people aren't only those who are out enjoying their lives in what should be a carefree environment of a night on the town, or simply going about their daily shopping to procure the necessities of life. The people are the perpetrators of these heinous crimes as well as the police, government officials, or their security details too. Do we take away their guns as well.

In a civil society, the ones in power and holding authority cannot be the only ones armed.

It has been said that an armed society is a polite society. And a heavily armed society is an extremely polite society.
How long would either of those mad dogs have lasted had they tried that shit in a group of fully armed and trained populace going about their day?
Don't take our guns. Pass them out for free.

I would imagine there would be a learning curve. At first there would be quite a few morons who are unable to control their emotional impulses, and would brandish their weapons in a foolish manner, but this unfortunate number would be self correcting in a relatively short time, and in my own personal opinion, less than the numbers incurred in a disarmed population dependent on the arrival of an armed officer to rescue them.

I had a gun safety course in school. Of course, that was many years ago, in a time when progressives didn't run our education system to the extremes they do today.

I learned early that if I did shit that could get me hurt, I'd end up getting hurt. Sometimes I had to learn this truth myself, but more often I listened to the wisdom of my elders and just didn't do that shit. I carried a pocket knife, that was always sharp as hell, and my dad would check it periodically if I pulled it out to whittle a stick in front of him. And learned the dangers of a dull blade.
To this day, I carry a belt knife everywhere I go. I don't pull it out and threaten those I may argue or disagree with. I use it as a tool where I need either its edge, or its girth, to cut or pry.

When I legally can, I carry a gun. And I neither threaten with it nor pull it from its holster unless I need its unique ability to throw a metal projectile at extreme velocities over long distances. And because I train with it, I'm fairly accurate and know as much as when to use it, as well as when not to. Similar to the manner in which I use an extremely large piece of metal traveling at relatively fast speed to move myself from one location to another. And the government demands I be trained in the use of this vehicle before I'm allowed on the road with it. And if I use this government sanctioned vehicle in an unsafe manner, the government penalizes me. And holds me responsible for the injury incurred by others due to my malfeasance.

We need to stop our so-called leaders from denying our right to carry arms in the same manner we require the use of knives, cars, or for that matter, even a sharpened pencil, which in the wrong hands can be a quite deadly weapon.

What we need is personal responsibility. Accountability. Morality. We need to be held accountable for what we do, and not what we do it with. And when everyone is armed, that accountability is not only immediate, but permanent. Those who cannot understand this lesson will go a long way to teaching those who can. Its one of those "we hold these truths to be self evident" kind of things.

That's the only way we can hold our government accountable to US as well.

We teach our children not to play with matches, but we don't stop them when they are old enough to understand the danger of being burned. Because humans by nature are not afraid of fire until they've been burned. Or have been taught to respect it. We tell them not to ride with strangers, but eventually, they need to learn who they can trust or when not to. We cut their food for them when their young hands are too small to use a knife, but starting with making a peanut butter sandwich with a "safe" butter knife, we allow them to learn to handle a blade. We require them to learn the proper operation of a vehicle in our schools or by teaching them ourselves before ever allowing them to drive on a speedy, congested highway.

Why can't we wake the fuck up and teach them to use a gun?

And if you absolutely, positively, irrevocably can not bring yourself to touch this unique tool of self defense, that's okay too. Its a personal choice I guess. Some people are just sheep by nature.

Go ahead. Tell me how fucked up my 'opinion' is. Tell me how I don't know what I'm talking about.
Go ahead and call me all kinds of vulgar and/or interesting names. I'll wait til your done. Take your time, so you can be coherent.

Then go tell the survivors of our latest mass murders that were perpetrated by guns in the hands of individual mad men in a crowd of unarmed victims.

Monday, July 15, 2019

If it's good enough for...

I don't know how many of you, my dear readers, have ever spent a night in our country's many, many jails, but as statistically one in four Americans have been incarcerated for 24 hours or more at least once, I'm guessing a couple of you are familiar with the stainless steel all-in-one toilet/sink/water faucet apparatus provided for alleviating all those watery needs of the inmate.
Essentially, the sink and drinking fountain are built into the top of where the tank usually sits.
So, effectively, one could almost say you are required to "drink from the toilet".
As far as I can tell, it has never done any lasting harm to our own citizen law breakers. So I doubt it's gonna hurt those law breakers who are NOT citizens.
Besides, my dog has been drinking from the toilet since he grew large enough to reach the bowl. So if it's good enough for him....

Wednesday, July 3, 2019


To all Americans, let me wish you a happy and healthy Independence Day.

Do we wish each other a merry December 25th? Nobody in my 55 years has EVER wished me a Happy January 19th. And that's my birthday. They wish me a happy one.
So fuck all you who want to have a happy Fourth of July. Let's wish AMERICA a happy birthday, and hope every American celebrates a happy and patriotic Independence Day.


Saturday, June 29, 2019

Right? Riiiiigggght....

Watched the dumbocrat debates. Swear I could feel my IQ drop in direct proportion to the attention paid.
But if we don't watch, we can't stay ahead of these narcissistic panderers of OPM. (Other People's Money).
And I kept hearing about the basic human right everyone has to healthcare.
How's that again? A "basic" human right is one inherent in BEING human. I suppose you could claim everyone SHOULD have the right to healthcare. But that's about it.
You have the 'right' to care for your body (or not) as you personally choose. You can smoke if you want. I did most of my life. I have emphysema. Not debilitating, but I definitely have less lung power than I should. And it's NOT COPD. Just because Americans have become too fucking dumb to use big boy words and have replaced the English language with acronyms and abbreviations doesn't mean I have to conform. Nor am I somehow "owed" new lungs now. Or a new kidney if I drink a gallon of bourbon every day of my life from age three.
I have the right to grow what I believe are beneficial plants to care for myself. I have the right to seek out the knowledge to discover what those plants are and how to use them. And I have the right to not let you have them just because you're sick. I WOULD, but I don't HAVE to.
But, you say, them there doctors done went to SCHOOL to learn how to cure what ails you. Don't you think they should be compensated for that?
Sure. But I don't think I should pay for their entire 12 years of college plus just because I have a cold.
And if I need surgery, that's not a right. Its fucked up, sure. But not a right. Healthcare, women's bodies, the meaning of life. NONE of these have ANYTHING to do with gubmint.
But big Pharma do. And the money involved do.
Morality? Not gubmint.
Sexuality? None of their business.
Foreign invasion. Okay. Get them there representatives and senators out there and protect our country. I'm good with that.

But it ain't never gonna happen.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

STILL America

I'm not what you'd call a "practicing christian". Or any other kind for that matter. Nor am I Jewish, Islamic, or an adherent to the religion of the great flying spaghetti monster. Although I might have to just look into that last one... I REALLY like spaghetti...

But I STILL like what I saw in the waiting room on a routine doctor appt this morning:
So let me just say in closing... GOD BLESS AMERICA. STILL.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

At least THESE "wimmen" can't get pregnant.

Thank God for that.

Because them would be some fugly damn kids.

And the only way to fuck these ugly wannabes is up the ass, and it's been scientifically proven that shit kills sperm....

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Offense Taken

Isn't it bad enough that shows like American Idol and America's Got Talent use the name of our great country in their title in the first place, while their entire reason for existing is to dumb down and entertain the masses while our government enacts laws and rules solely designed to control 'we the people', without denigrating our flag too? 
The opening scene to America's Got Talent was on the television tonight while Rose was scrolling down the list of mindless pap available to deaden our minds, and I happened to see a shot of a parachute descending the skies with an unbelievably HUGE American flag unfurled below him, with clips of ordinary, everyday citizens stopping whatever they were doing and staring upward in wonder.
Now, keep in mind I did not KNOW this was America's Got Talent. I just heard patriotic music, and looked up and saw this inspiring sight on TV, and was observing the parachuter's descent in appropriate appreciation of a majestic televised stunt.

Then I saw the parachuter land. Imagine my disgust; my outrage; my UTTER DISBELIEF when I saw some black actor, whose name I don't recall, nor care to, land at the entrance to the studio.

Has it come to this? Americans watching a show with America in the title, with a grand PATRIOTIC theme to kick it off, being more concerned with brain dead entertainment than the fact that some fucking nigger just effectually shit on the American flag?

Now, I'm sure they meant no offense.....


Friday, April 19, 2019

Thursday, February 14, 2019

And just because I feel the need to share

30 minutes ago I took the first four pills starting me on my journey to my 55 year colonoscopy. I start the drink in 3 and a half hours.
As I feel absolutely no desire to blog from the toilet, there will be no further updates pending...

Happy Valentine's Day All...

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Oh.... Well that's okay then..

I haven't posted anything politically opinionated in a while, but a commentary by Shepard Smith on Fox news last night following Trumps televised address just simply rubbed me the wrong way. His comment  "The government's statistics show that there is less violent crime by the undocumented immigrant population than by the general population" is so ludicrous as to be borderline asinine.
Did I say borderline? Perhaps I misspoke myself. It IS asinine.

Let's put this in perspective, shall we?

In order to keep numbers fairly simple for the sheep out there, let's say Los Angeles, CA has a population of only 1000. In a year, they have 100 murders. That's a simple 10 percent example even a CNN follower should be able to figure out.

Out of the 1000 people, TEN are illegal aliens. (Yes, I said Illegal Aliens). The other 990 are "general population".  Smith doesn't say if he's referring to ANY American, or only documented immigrants here, but either way, for the sake of argument, we'll let that slide... Nor does he offer the actual  ratio of IA (Illegal Aliens) to GP (General Population) for that matter, but I digress...

Out of the 100 murders, only TWO of the murders are perpetrated by Illegal Aliens. 98 are done by the general population.

Illegal Aliens:   10
Murders:              2
Murders per IA:  .2

General Population: 990
Murders:                     98
Murders per GP:       .01 (rounded UP)

STATISTICALLY, more murders were committed by the GP. COMPARATIVELY, the IA are murdering ANIMALS....(where have I heard that before?).

Of course, my numbers above are pure conjecture, as I don't know the ACTUAL ratio of IA to GP, Fox didn't give out that detail. But I assume it can't be much higher than 1 percent. If I'm wrong, feel free to enlighten me. With facts, not your guess against mine. I already admitted I don't KNOW the actual ratio, nor do I CARE.

The only thing I care about is that the TWO murders I conjecture were perpetrated by the TEN illegal aliens could NOT have happened if they weren't here in the first place. If they were here LEGALLY, they would be part of the "general population", and we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Build the fucking wall. And stop blaming Trump for skewing facts when you use stupid statements by folks like Shepard Smith to lead astray the small minds of the Sheeple of America.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Coywolf. Wow. Just wow!

I actually just learned about a relatively new critter in the scheme of evolution, the Coywolf.
I don't remember where I was online, probably one of the prepper/homesteader blogs I follow, but it was only about a week ago when I saw the term for this hybrid animal, and my curiosity was piqued enough to do a web search on it.
This was one of the first pics that came up on a Google search:
And I shit you not, this is a photo taken today on my way to visiting a lighthouse in Muskegon, MI:
My buddy's wife had her camera out, putting on a new lens she'd recently purchased, and so had it ready when this absolutely serendipitous photo op came up.

Wow. Just fucking WOW.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Titular obsession

I suppose I could have come up with a title a tad less obscene sounding... Because no, this rant isn't about girls wanting breast enhancement surgery, or every guy ever born.
It's about titles. And individuality. Or perhaps conformity. Fuck if I  know; I just write this shit, I don't claim to understand it.

Anyway, I was reading an article about cow farts this morning, and the 'carbon footprint' these odorous emanations generate. While admittedly more concerned with the solid emissions from the rear of a cow, and how it affects my footprint, I couldn't help but notice all the titular separations we humans use to describe ourselves: ecologist, carnivore, vegan, environmentalist, etc., all in a simple article about cow farts. 
And as if we need more ways to differentiate ourselves from our fellow birth-to-death sojourners, we make shit up! Now, it's not only what you eat, but where it's from. You, too, can now be a Locavore!

And again, here we have a confusing sounding word similar to our obscene sounding post title. This one, Locavore, means eating 'locally' produced foods. These local foods can be either meat based, plant based, or one can only assume entomophagy based: the practice of eating insects, which would of course include locusts.

But the article also caused some of the neurons in my brain that were still half asleep at 4:00 AM to wake up and start a conversation with the others that were already up drinking their coffee and starting their day. (Just between you and me, dear reader, I'm fairly sure some of the neurons get up early to spike their coffee before the rest are up and about. Which only increases the likelihood of unusual morning conversations from the Voices...) 
What is it that practically requires us to assume superiority over each other? 
I assume somewhere back in the annals of time, mankind discovered it was easier to fend off the ravages of other meat eaters by banding together and providing a united front in order to cover our backs, and maybe this is where it all started. Moog was a huge, hairy, robust Hunter, and all the hot hairy Neanderthal ladies with their beetling brows and bow-legged beauty swooned over him every time he came in covered with blood and hauling a mastodon hambone over his shoulder. One can practically see them clustering around him in their slope shouldered femininity, screaming "hit me, hit me" and offering their long snarled and muddy tresses to be dragged off to his cave. Meanwhile, scrawny Uggagug, a lowly Gatherer, only got the ugly girls: those nasty looking ones with the straight spines and small noses who actually (ugh!) washed! Well, mankind, being mankind, wasn't going to change just to suit poor Uggagug, and so he did the only thing he could think of to change his status. Rather than feel bad about being a lowly Gatherer, he decided he'd actually feel better about himself than Moog by the simple expedient of doing something Moog didn't! 
I don't know what this might have been. It happened a long time ago, and I wasn't there. But let's assume for the sake of argument that he decided that contrary to genetics, DNA, nature, and, oh, I don't know, maybe HAVING A PENIS, he was going to be a girl.
This was definitely something Moog would never do, and therefore set him apart from Moog. Because now Uggagug was a homoSEXUAL, while Moog wasn't even a homoSAPIEN yet! It didn't change any of the socioeconomic gestalt of the tribe, but it gave Uggagug a TITLE!

What is our obsession with needing so many ways to separate ourselves? Isn't it enough to be a "good person"? 
How about a "caring human"? How's THAT for a title?

Why this insatiable need to constantly separate ourselves into smaller and smaller subgroups so we can somehow be part of something bigger? Something greater than ourselves? Does being an elitist make us better? Isn't it enough to be just a vegetarian? 
If, somehow, we could stop striving to be "included" in groups that for the most part only bestow a titular identity, and no real substance, perhaps we could make a REAL difference.
I'm an omnivore. A prepper. A Constitutionalist. A white male. And, according to some people, a Prick, a Jackass, and an Asshole.
None of which changes ME. The persona I identify as Myself . Or who YOU are. 
The world's getting scarier and meaner out there. Sabertooth tigers and hairy mastodons looking for their missing hams aren't what we have to fear anymore. Its the joiners and groups that for some reason think they need to rid the planet of all the 'not-thems' that we have to fear today. The people with those other titles: Bigot, Racist, Rich, Poor, White, Black, Christian, Muslim.... Its getting so nobody is just John, or Bill, or Mary anymore. Everyone needs to be somehow more than who they are.
And, I believe, only makes us all that much less....