Monday, January 7, 2019

Coywolf. Wow. Just wow!

I actually just learned about a relatively new critter in the scheme of evolution, the Coywolf.
I don't remember where I was online, probably one of the prepper/homesteader blogs I follow, but it was only about a week ago when I saw the term for this hybrid animal, and my curiosity was piqued enough to do a web search on it.
This was one of the first pics that came up on a Google search:
And I shit you not, this is a photo taken today on my way to visiting a lighthouse in Muskegon, MI:
My buddy's wife had her camera out, putting on a new lens she'd recently purchased, and so had it ready when this absolutely serendipitous photo op came up.

Wow. Just fucking WOW.


pigpen51 said...
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Xenolith said...

I accidently removed this comment, and can't figure out how to reinstate it.
My apologies to pigpen51.