Saturday, September 11, 2021

Interesting shit

Or maybe not. Catchy title though, huh? I know I haven't posted a lot for quite some time. Seems like not a lot had happened by my way of viewing it. Just little shit like moving to the east side of Michigan, Moop dying, goats having babies, getting rid of cancer... just a lot of stupid little shit that hardly seems to me even worth mentioning.... And blogger even seems against me. Things have changed around in this program and I can't seem to get it to even start new paragraphs... Like this one. Or here. I swear I put in a pagebreak on BOTH those last sentences, but does it show up? Not even in the preview. Much less the final result. Maybe I'll figure it out. Or maybe I'll just continue on with one long, run on paragraph... Tomorrow maybe I'll send a blurb about my car trip too the west side today. Nothing too thrilling though, so we'll have to see. Xeno out

Monday, August 23, 2021


For at least the last three days, the mosquitos have been HORRENDOUS! They were bad before that, but you literally cannot look at any space in the air two foot by two foot that doesn't contain ten or more of the flying bastards. And when you walk through them, every one attacks. Plus the hundreds more hiding in the grass along with them. The hum from their tiny wings in your ears is the only sound you can hear, and you have to continuously fan in front of your face to avoid inhaling them or breathing them into your nose. Meanwhile you can feel them biting on you're hands, neck, and any other exposed flesh. I've never looked forward to winter IN MY LIFE, but will gladly cut wood to burn to try to stay warm beginning tomorrow if it means I can have surcease from their torture! And forget about trying to cut wood NOW. Going into the woods is a thousand times worse than just walking across the field to water the goats or close up the chickens for the night!
Trapped in my own house by BUGS. Its like Covid with sucking mouth parts...

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Dear Anonymous

So, I'm sitting here minding my own business, and all of a sudden, I get an email telling me I haven't posted anything here in awhile from someone named Anonymous. And I look back and see that the last thing I posted was back in November last year. And THAT was a political puff piece.... Well, thanks to Anonymous, I realize that there are some lost souls out there still wondering if I'm alive or not, so here's an update. This little farm Rose and I live on has been GREAT! I have two male and two female rabbits, Flemish Giant/New Zealand mixed from last years babies, and the two females are both due any day now. I'll keep two and two and either sell the adults along with any extra babies, or put them in my freezer. Probably sell them as even though I have no problem eating farm animals, I'd rather not if I have other options. I'm on my second set of chickens. Just got rid of the last bunch because they were eating eggs almost as fast as they were laying them. Started fresh with 7 leghorns and 20 black Austrolorps. Thanks to hawks around here, I'm down to 4 leghorns and 12 Austro's, but they are big enough now that the hawks have been leaving them alone.
My garden did better than I expected, though not as well as I'd hoped. So far I've gotten about 4 quarts of tomatoes, Roma and San Marzano sauce types, which Rose has made into some FANTASTIC spaghetti sauce! Going to put some pints up tomorrow if I get my butt going... Only one beefsteak tomato ripened so far, but a LOT more green ones getting big.
The first pic is my 16x8' garden and the second pic is my wife's white pumpkin. Yes, white pumpkin. I know, but she likes them, so I grew one... I also put a greenhouse up to get an early start on the years gardens, and to keep my tropical herbs; ginger, turmeric, pineapple plant, and kiwi alive over the winter.
Corn kinda fell over during some MASSIVE storms we had here. My landlord/neighbor had his three cars parked in front of his house and a tree there broke in the storm and totalled his truck and electric car, and dented in the top of his wife's car while shoving a branch through the sun roof. Good times!
Next to the greenhouse is my herb garden. Lots of different mints, Spearmint, Peppermint, Catnip, Chocolate mint, Mojito mint. That's dill hanging over on the right side. I have borage, sage, oregano, celery, lemon balm, lemon basil, purple basil, thyme, marjoram, stevia, and yarrow growing well there. A few weeds and grass, too. But with my cancer, I just haven't been able to keep it up as well as I'd have liked, nor a garden as big as I wanted. Speaking of which, I don't know if I mentioned my cancer ever before on this blog. But if I haven't, I HAD splenic marginal zone Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Long name to say my white blood cells never grew up and my spleen was the approximate size of Newark. Been getting a MonoClonal Antibody treatment. Not quite chemo, but feel just as shitty afterward. Six monthly treatments and the first few had my temp up to 103 and pure misery. But I'm feeling MUCH better NOW.... Seems the treatment did what treatment is supposed to do, and I'm getting back to myself. Cancer free for the first time in over ten years. Still no real energy, but my spleen is spleen sized now, and I can breathe without feeling like my lungs are mouse sized from being cramped anymore. Which means I can walk more than ten feet without being winded so much. And on a side note: Ever noticed how all the medication commercials on TV, if you look at the product name, instead of the marketing name, half of them end in MAB now? That stands for MonoClonal Antibody. The biggest breakthrough since penicillin. Soon everyone will want one... My dog Moop is gone. Internal problems. Pooped out his intestines. Not pretty. I'm still looking for another medium pal since he's been gone, but figure the right one will show up when its time. Scooter is still kicking. And still think he owns the place... I lost a sister to Covid after my brother... I wish we had been closer, but she was a lot older than me and we never bonded as much as my siblings closer to my age. Well, Anonymous, I just heard the oven alarm go off, which means my chocolate cake Rose is making me is done. I have to go bug her to get it frosted. (and yes I know it has to cool off, but its more fun to bug her...) Take care of yourselves, those of you who are reading this. Life is too short to spend it eating broccoli when there's cake involved...

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Blue Michigan?

 Just can't fathom it.

According to my unofficial count, purely by counting signs, the vote should have gone

1. Donald Trump

2.  Yard Sale

Distant 3. Kamala Harris (defaulted)...

Thursday, August 6, 2020

My big brother died today

I know a lot of folks have lost family thanks too this fucking virus. And my condolences. But give me a moment to be pissed of for my loss today.
When my wife and I wound up homeless from hurricanes in Florida, my big brother gave us a place in his home to get back on our feet.
When I got out of the Navy after my first wife left me 28 years ago, my big brother took me into his home until I got my head together.
I won't be making the funeral. Oklahoma's too far, my car won't make the trip, and I'm sure he'd understand. But I'll miss him. And I'll think of him. And I'll wonder how this fucking virus could take out one of the strongest men I know.
My big brother.
Flights of angels and all that shit..... Sleep well, Mark.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

THIS is what's FUCKING wrong with our FUCKING, FUCKED UP, country

We have the right to peaceably assemble. We have the right to address wrongs. We have the right to face our accusers and we have the right to address those who have harmed us.
We do NOT, however, have the ABILITY.

Try to talk to a government representative. Go ahead. I'll wait.


Try to talk to a store manager. I'll wait here in aisle 3.


Order something from Amazon. It doesn't matter if one of 6 parts are broken, and the one or two you actually NEED are fine, but the pieces you don't are broken when they arrive. Try to get JUST ONE of the pieces replaced.


Send the whole delivery back, and get credit. Do NOT use the parts you need. Do NOT return just the broken pieces.


Same thing with our government, or any other fucking self-absorbed, self-serving son of a bitch out there.

We as a populace no longer RATE a voice. We are relegated to the pool of disenfranchised voices that stand in the place of our individual identities.

Here in Michigan recently, a fairly STUPID Macy's store employee called some fucking black hood-monkey a nigger. Can't prove he said it, and doesn't justify the response, but he got his ass fucking handed to him on a store aisle platter.

And personally, I've been beaten by a cop for 'assault' for touching his arm passing around him.
I've been charged with 'obstructing an investigation' for walking down the street I live on because I refused to give my name to an overbearing cop.

I'm actually fucking SICK AND TIRED of having no recourse, no voice, no OPTION, but to sit and take it because our fucking government, Amazon, and god-damned Macy's fucking clerks think their better than me and I don't matter.

I'm nowhere near the point of grabbing an AR and going "postal". But I can definitely empathize with those who have.
Those who have been CONSTANTLY battered with beurocratic bullshit; Three floors up, talk to this clerk. Two floors down, talk to THAT clerk. Did you try the clerk on the next floor down? That's probably where you should start....

We no longer have recourse to address our issues. We no longer have representatives in ANY aspects of our FUCKING EXISTENCE we can question.

Do. Do Not. Wait. Hurry.

I hereby no longer accept my sheeply master's demands.

I stand before you a sovereign man. Able to care for myself. I will not bow, nor will I break.

My only problem? There is NO ONE who I can tell this to. Nor do those who COULD make a difference care....

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Stole this from my cousin's Facebook...

Just my opinion...Leave it alone...
If you are offended by something then leave it alone. Cracker Barrel offends you, then eat somewhere else, but I like it so leave it alone. A statue offends you, then don’t go see it, but I like to see them as my history, so leave them alone. Don’t like meat, then eat vegetables but let me eat what I want to. Don’t like Gone With The Wind, then don’t watch it or read the book, but I like them, so leave them alone. I like worshipping God, but you are offended, so don’t go to church, but let me go. I read the Bible, but you are an atheist and want Bibles banned. So don’t read it, but don’t say I can’t. Leave it alone. You don’t like the names of military bases, but I do, so leave them alone and stay away from them. You don’t like the police force, then don’t call them when you are in trouble, but leave them alone so I feel safer having them.
Why are the things you want so much more important than what I want? Are your demands greater than my likes? Is it because you use intimidation, blackmail and force to get your way- that you do? Let’s make a deal. I will leave what you like alone and you leave what I like alone and the world will be a better place for everyone.
Don't like what I post, scroll on by and leave it alone as I do when I disagree with yours.  😊
By the way my Facebook is not public. It is set for "Friends" and friends don't intimidate each other and demand I change my opinion to match yours.
Copied and pasted because it’s exactly how I feel!!!!!

(Thanks Andy G.!)

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Big Brother alive and well during Covid-19

The Real-Life Escape From New York 

Per the story linked to above, (highlights provided by yours truly):

"According to a New York Times report published May 15th, about 5% of the population—which is about 420,000 people—left New York City between March 15th and May 1st as lockdown measures tightened. The data was procured by using residents’ phone locations."

Nothing to see here folks, move along. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...