Monday, October 17, 2016

And in your local news...

A semi truck hauling frozen chicken caught fire this morning on Hwy 35 in Oklahoma City.

That's pretty much the entire story. No injuries, no one died, just a solitary truck whose brakes, and subsequently the entire semi, caught fire on the side of the highway.

The local news stations were jumping through hoops all day in order to keep us 'up to date' on the latest breaking news...

I was wondering why they didn't just crash a watermelon truck into it and put up a sign "Soul Food; Cooked on site". Whole damn thing woulda been cleaned up in no time up in OKC.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My vaca sucked. there was precip in Cali, and Micky D's ran out of hafcaf latte mocha frappes

Corruption at every level of government. Children placed in prison style institutions of "learning" where the only thing they learn is to sit down, shut up, and do as they're told by all authority figures who control them.

We have conflict over free enterprise, causing the many to bend over forward to conform to the wants of the few. Or even being forced, through fear of punishment, to violate their own moral or religious beliefs to cater to the laughable new 'rights' of the one. 

Correcting or own children with a slap to the well designed for spanking derriere constitutes child abuse. Then we wonder what has happened to the current generation of privileged, self-absorbed, belligerent thugs. Those that do manage to survive the formative years of childhood, and make it to a semblance of adulthood go to the new safe-zone colleges of today's higher education. Where they learn that it is okay for a man to be a woman, sexual orientation is a matter for public concern, the Constitution is ignored, and an individual has the right to sex, libations, and protection from anyone who's opinion doesn't conform to their own. Because, well, THEIR opinion is important, and yours makes them uncomfortable.

All this should really come as no surprise to anyone who was spanked as a child, was taught to respect women, trust men, stand by what they say, have calluses on their hands, and if not a religious, at least a moral, upbringing.

No one actually bothers to read the Constitution any more. The government tells them what their rights are and the rest of the sheep seem content with the Koolade. 

I was taught the Constitution in school. But then I'm old now. Yet still remember my literal awe of this great document instilled in me as I read every word of what makes our country great

The language used, perfectly adequate to the time it was written, almost a foreign tongue to their dumb - downed descendents. 

I seldom watch the puff piece entertainment shows that pass as news these days. I don't really care that Joe Shmoe's left nut got caught in his zipper at the award dinner for deviant transvestites. Or that it is now somehow important that men have their eyebrows 'manscaped'.

I could weep for the loss of the English language, if I wasn't so busy trying to keep up understanding news anchors telling me they'll be back in a mo-mo, and when they do return,  tell us all the important and life affecting details of their vacay. How little Bobby learned not to pee in the pool finally. Still working on teaching him its not nice to soak kittens in gas and light them on fire though. But we're working on it while trying not to hurt his self-image. 

And the sheep wonder what happened to their once - green pasture formerly known as These United States

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

is it just me? or... (UPDATE at the end)

Is anyone else sick and tired of weather fear porn?

It's just one more case of fear mongering in order to control the actions of the sheeple. Animals sense bad weather, earthquakes, pretty much any natural threat. Sheeple,  not so much. 

But we have the advantage over the dumb beasts of the field. We have Weathermen! 

Oh, to be a weatherman!  Get up, put on a tie, or more currently a dress with a good view of cleavage, and tell all the little people "There's a 50 percent chance of rain today". 

Think about this: With all the benefits of modern technology and years of advanced education, these scions of science tell us that basically 'it will rain, or it won't'. Now pay me...

All the while debasing our already bastardized grammar further with their inability to use big-boy words like 'precipitation'! It's 'precip' this, and 'precip' that.

Look, really, if you can't say the big-boy words, or the sheeple are too dumb downed to understand them, why not use simple terms? Like, oh I don't know, RAIN? Seems good to me. We not only learn liquid is falling out of the sky, but we learn what physical aspects are associated with it. It's wet, not frozen, and is moving in a downward direction.

Yesterday, here in Oklahoma, we were warned, to the point of issuing severe weather advisories, that we should prepare for Tennis Ball Sized Hail, Tornadoes, 75 Mile per hour straight line winds, and the distinct possibility of, of my dear Lord, PRECIP!

That was last night. This morning at 4, it was golf ball sized hail, POSSIBILITY of MAYBE an F2 tornado or two,  and wind gusts to 40 MPH. 

It's now about 6 AM, and no mention of hail, wins might get 25 MPH, and they're determinedly shying away from the dreaded 'T-word'.

Weather porn. Stock up, this is TEOTWAWKI, go beat up an old lady at the store over that last jug of water, final pack of D batteries, and sole remaining pack of Slim Jims.

Oh wait... What's that?... Well folks, weather is tricky. Just be glad it wasn't the catastrophe it was SUPPOSED to be...

And I was looking forward today to grabbing a six pack, turning on my NOAA radio, and enjoying the show in a lawn chair while playing a few hands of Texas Holdem with Gamblin' James. You can usually get a seat there for around 15 bucks...

UPDATE: Got MAYBE a half hour of light rain. Even heard thunder once...Fucking overpaid monkeys...)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It's Me Again, Margaret*

I'm trying. Even weekly is gonna be tough with all the springtime projects commencing, and the day to day crap we all deal with as life happens.

This last week has been especially trying, but has had its blessings, too.

Attempting to get a Dent corn and wheat field in, I paid my brother 60.00 bucks to disk a section of land for me here at Turn Here Rose, and am working on tilling it over with my medium sized rototiller. With my screwed up shoulder, it's a lot harder than I'd like, and is taking me longer than I planned. By the end of the day, I'm done in,  and that's beside the fact I can only work for maybe a half hour before I have to break until the pain eases off. Rose has been cuttng me some slack by taking on a lot of the household chores; cooking, dishes, laundry. Since she still puts in a 40+ hour work week, I REALLY appreciate her support! 

Lost my wallet the day after my monthly check came in. I'm fairly sure I left it on the checkout counter at Lowes when buying a hot water heater. I didn't realize it until the following day. Of course I called the store as soon as I realized, and just as assuredly, no one had turned it in. It may have something to do with the 650.00 or so that was in it, which included my mortgage payment. 

For the first time since moving here, I have running hot water, and am back behind the 8 ball with having to make up for my carelessness. Guess I was too preoccupied with the thought of a hot shower....

I always leave enough on my card to handle my more regular bills that are easier to pay online, and Rose holds onto that in case she needs to get gas, milk, whatever, and I discovered my missing wallet when she told me she couldn't find the credit card! Wasn't much on that, and what there was isn't really an issue, as she had already paid all the regular bills, but as its a government issue card, I get the hassle of canceling it and having a new one issued

I bought some chicks, ducks,  and geese earlier this year, and wouldn't ya know it, the damn things are growing so fast the cage they are in is getting a little crowded,  and a new coop is quickly becoming more than a luxury. 

But like I said,  trials mixed with blessings. My own 2001 Saturn has an ignition problem, so that best friend I told you about in an earlier post first lent me his 1997 Saturn, then offered to sell it to me cheap, on payments. He went on a week's trip to visit his kids in Texas, and left his Kia with me rather than in the crime ridden city he lives in, and Rose got to use it for her daily commute. Two days before he was due back, the '94 Saturn shift train locked up on me. When he came back, after two days of me fucking with it, he shows up, jacks up the driver side front tire, and when it then miraculously works, told me it was stuck in two gears,  and that that happens sometimes with this car... But Rose was able to use the Kia during those two days, so it could have been much worse for us

Then he said Rose could continue using his Kia while I get my ignition problem figured out, so that it wouldn't happen to her in that Saturn. 

And then that he was moving to Texas in May. Oh well,  I'll miss him more than I can say, but it's only a three hour drive due South, and we WILL get together a couple times a year. 

So that's it. I'm here, I'm tired, I'm sore, I'm broke, and my rainbow seems more like the colorful sheen on a bubble that could pop anytime than a glorious promise that golden unicorns are gonna start flying out of my ass; but there it is. 

They say what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. But what if you were strong enough BEFORE? 

Take care my friends, and keep a loaded gun handy!


Sunday, March 13, 2016


I don't know if it's that weird little hairy guy from the comic strip BC,  or someone VERY fond of a fairly decent shipboard drink,  but this one goes out to 'Grog'!

Yes, I'm still alive,  and yes, I want to keep this damn blog going. 

So, here's Turn Here Rose: 8 chickens, 3 ducks, 3 geese. Still have my pot bellied boar, but the sow cut herself shortly after her last birthing,  and by the time I realized it, (it was under her front leg, and not noticeable whether she was standing or nursing) she had gone septic and I lost her. I was able to continue bottle feeding the piglets,  and kept two females after selling the other 8.

I'm currently raising channel catfish,  but it's still too early to tell if that will work out. 

 The best friend I have EVER had in my life,  who I have known since we were in diapers,  and lost touch with when I joined the Navy and he moved away, has once again become a part of my life.  I recently learned he also lives in Oklahoma after a surprisingly parallel life,  and we have since reconnected.  It seems as no time has passed in our friendship since we were sixteen. It's good to have a friend again that I've missed so much. 

 Politically,  I'm for Trump, and if either of those asswipes running on the Democrat ticket get in,  I will finally give up on this once great country,  put out a sign that I'm declaring myself my own country,  and load up for the jackboots. I don't choose to live under the rule of a deluded egomaniac whose only goal is to increase her 'prestige' as our queen, nor under the gentle socialist designs of a Hitler in the offing. 

I finally saved enough for a decent cultivator, have my truck garden in, have an herb garden ready to plant,  and am breaking ground for my Dent corn field.  Hopefully I'll get a field cut for wheat also this year. 

And,  on an ending note, I am going to do my best to update weekly. And all the times I think to myself "I should blog about that", I'll get off my always wore out ass and actually DO it.

Miss all of you,  and I'll try to wake up here. 


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Harvey County Oregon

WTF is going on here?
I'm out of the loop here with shitty Internet.
Any off ya all can fill me in?

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I probably just missed it..

It's possible. I can't get a decent signal out here for Internet. I don't have cable. No satellite disk. If it didn't happen in Oklahoma City, our local news never mentions it.
Basically, I'm just saying it's entirely possible I just missed it.

Can ANYBODY tell me where I can get the story of our Mulatto-in-Chief placing a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier over Veteran's Day?

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Why Walmart will never go under

Walmart isn't too big to fail. It isn't even too cheap to fail.
It certainly isn't it's low prices,  bringing in the masses for cheap crap sold by apathetic cashiers, or the way self-deluded managers with delusions of grandeur treat the unwashed masses who would DARE question their godliness.
Nope,  it's the marketing genius of those who understand exactly how to use every opportunity to separate the sheeple from their hard earned cash.
Like New York rats,  and cockroaches everywhere, Walmart will continue to thrive because they have learned to live off of the backs of humanity.

Take, for instance, the current stunt. I ran into Walmart yesterday (yes,  I admit that I too have oft been led into their devious trap) and noticed a huge pallet in the middle of the main aisle containing a huge amount of green lightbulbs. I just figured this was some Halloween thing.  Until I saw a commercial last night telling me I should show my support for our veterans by putting a green bulb on my porch, or in my window facing the street.
Now I have nothing against veterans.  I are one. And yes, I go to Golden Corral for my free meal,  and if there were still something as patriotic as a veteran's day parade,  like my own dad did,  I would proudly wear my old uniform and carry the flag in it.
But Walmart does NOTHING for veterans. Unlike Lowes home stores,  which give 10% off ALL purchases to ALL veterans every day of the year, the only thing Walmart does is create a "support our vets" theme,  and then promote the sale of materials you can purchase to show support for this program.
They play on our shame and the opinions of our neighbors who fall for their insidious plans to make enough money to cover their lagging sales. They create from broadcloth a new tradition to show ourselves as Patriots and that we OF COURSE remember and honor our vets. Then sell us the silk materials to meet the needs of their program.

I will unequivocally NOT be burning a green light this or any other year. I think instead,  I'll go to the veteran's home down in Norman,  and spend some time listening to some old,  decrepit,  lonely old veteran tell me tales of his former days of glory. My time and attention is infinitely more meaningful to one old vet than a million green lights are for all other vets combined.

Walmart has never done a thing for veterans,  and this is the most despicable plot yet to separate all of us from our hard earned cash. Why don't they give .001 percent of their profits for ONE fucking day to a veterans fund? THAT might make a difference somewhere.
 With their green light special,  they're just making profits for themselves.
like I said: Fucking GENIUS marketing.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Blah blah blah, complain, complain. Rinse and repeat.

I just read an article over at Human Events Daily concerning government overspending at the EPA.
I'm not going to go through the whole article.  If you really feel the need to get upset over more blatant,  shove-it-up-the-sheep's-collective-ass government bullshit, follow the link.
What got me really pissed off was the whiny little pissants complaining in the comments about some of the statements the author put forth concerning various expenditures.
The futile effort of armchair politicians who don't really give a flying damn about anything other than the fact that they themselves aren't in on the gravy train.
The same type that when something,  anything,  goes wrong will be crying to the government to ride in on a white horse and save their sorry asses.