Sunday, January 3, 2016

Harvey County Oregon

WTF is going on here?
I'm out of the loop here with shitty Internet.
Any off ya all can fill me in?

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I probably just missed it..

It's possible. I can't get a decent signal out here for Internet. I don't have cable. No satellite disk. If it didn't happen in Oklahoma City, our local news never mentions it.
Basically, I'm just saying it's entirely possible I just missed it.

Can ANYBODY tell me where I can get the story of our Mulatto-in-Chief placing a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier over Veteran's Day?

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Why Walmart will never go under

Walmart isn't too big to fail. It isn't even too cheap to fail.
It certainly isn't it's low prices,  bringing in the masses for cheap crap sold by apathetic cashiers, or the way self-deluded managers with delusions of grandeur treat the unwashed masses who would DARE question their godliness.
Nope,  it's the marketing genius of those who understand exactly how to use every opportunity to separate the sheeple from their hard earned cash.
Like New York rats,  and cockroaches everywhere, Walmart will continue to thrive because they have learned to live off of the backs of humanity.

Take, for instance, the current stunt. I ran into Walmart yesterday (yes,  I admit that I too have oft been led into their devious trap) and noticed a huge pallet in the middle of the main aisle containing a huge amount of green lightbulbs. I just figured this was some Halloween thing.  Until I saw a commercial last night telling me I should show my support for our veterans by putting a green bulb on my porch, or in my window facing the street.
Now I have nothing against veterans.  I are one. And yes, I go to Golden Corral for my free meal,  and if there were still something as patriotic as a veteran's day parade,  like my own dad did,  I would proudly wear my old uniform and carry the flag in it.
But Walmart does NOTHING for veterans. Unlike Lowes home stores,  which give 10% off ALL purchases to ALL veterans every day of the year, the only thing Walmart does is create a "support our vets" theme,  and then promote the sale of materials you can purchase to show support for this program.
They play on our shame and the opinions of our neighbors who fall for their insidious plans to make enough money to cover their lagging sales. They create from broadcloth a new tradition to show ourselves as Patriots and that we OF COURSE remember and honor our vets. Then sell us the silk materials to meet the needs of their program.

I will unequivocally NOT be burning a green light this or any other year. I think instead,  I'll go to the veteran's home down in Norman,  and spend some time listening to some old,  decrepit,  lonely old veteran tell me tales of his former days of glory. My time and attention is infinitely more meaningful to one old vet than a million green lights are for all other vets combined.

Walmart has never done a thing for veterans,  and this is the most despicable plot yet to separate all of us from our hard earned cash. Why don't they give .001 percent of their profits for ONE fucking day to a veterans fund? THAT might make a difference somewhere.
 With their green light special,  they're just making profits for themselves.
like I said: Fucking GENIUS marketing.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Blah blah blah, complain, complain. Rinse and repeat.

I just read an article over at Human Events Daily concerning government overspending at the EPA.
I'm not going to go through the whole article.  If you really feel the need to get upset over more blatant,  shove-it-up-the-sheep's-collective-ass government bullshit, follow the link.
What got me really pissed off was the whiny little pissants complaining in the comments about some of the statements the author put forth concerning various expenditures.
The futile effort of armchair politicians who don't really give a flying damn about anything other than the fact that they themselves aren't in on the gravy train.
The same type that when something,  anything,  goes wrong will be crying to the government to ride in on a white horse and save their sorry asses.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hoard for the horde

I know,  I ain't been around much. Things are rough all over...

My sister came in from Utah this past week,  and yes,  she is a devout Mormon. (Don't get me started!). So I went down to my brother's where she was staying during her visit,  and after the required hugs and "you look goods", her husband asked me what all I had on my ridiculously large key chain.
Nothing unusual, I get asked that a lot. Nothing fancy though: small knife,  fishing kit,  duct tape,  small screwdriver set,  flint,  striker,  electrical tape,  tinder pack, sewing kit, floss,  paracord, snare wire, med kit, and even keys.
He asked if I were planning for the end of the world?
Nope.  Just anything that might come along where I needed a bandaid or something... This is my every day carry shit,  as well as a multi-tool,  belt knife, phone,  couple of bucks, and of course, my wallet.
Being Mormons,  (don't get me started! ), he started going on about how they have a basement stocked with enough food and water for a year if things get bad.
Now keep in mind, this guy can't change a tire,  and I'd be afraid to hand him a screwdriver as he'd probably put an eye out trying to figure out which end goes on the screw. But like a good little Mormon,  (don't get me started!), he has obeyed his church's (valid and smart) edict to be prepared to take care of his family for a year or more if the fecal matter splatters the rotational oscillating atmosphere adjuster.
However,  he lives in Salt Lake City. Nice house, nice neighborhood,  two car garage and all the trimmings. No guns or self defense training.  In the middle of The Marauder Mecca. There's probably enough hoarded food in that city alone to feed America for a decade!
He is overwhelmingly confident that he will be perfectly safe if anything happens,  as he is surrounded by like minded good little Mormons,  (DON'T GET ME STARTED!) and everything will be hunky dory in his little world until things go back to "normal" and golden unicorns start flying out of all the surviving sheep's collective asses.
When, not if, the shit hits the fan, I'm going to miss him and my sister.  Hopefully they'll go quick and not suffer. Damn shame about all that wasted hoarding though.
I don't have my homestead up to par yet, but I'm working on it. Rabbits,  goats,  chickens,  ducks, pigs, small garden I plan to grown on yearly (pun intended,)  a natural screen of bamboo to keep from prying eyes, alternate heating,  and a reliable source of water. And rebuilding my arsenal as well as practicing my bowmanship and sling proficiency.
Will I and my wife survive the imminent collapse of our country?  Probably not. At this point it's just the two of us, and we're no match for a gang of marauders. But at least I'm being realistic.  I see no reason to stockpile a hoard for the hordes.

PS: Should of got a load of my brother in law's face when I showed him my get home bag out of my trunk...!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Don't be frustrated, and teach our kids to be pussies

In my daily perusal of emails this morning, I came upon an article about how NOT to be frustrated.
The premise was to accept things that happen as a matter of course. Stuck in traffic? Just tell yourself that traffic happens. Do NOT think such thoughts as "this shouldn't happen to ME". This leads to thinking the universe 'should' be fair, and we constantly have to guard ourselves from terms such as should, must, required, or have to. Which of course only leads to frustration.
There is only ONE way to avoid frustration: Never try anything.
If you choose to create nothing, you WILL succeed. If you choose not to attempt something, you WILL NOT fail. If you never stand and state your opinion, you will NEVER have to defend it.
And if you accept your slavery, you will never have the opportunity to exercise ANY choice.
See? No frustration!
I get frustrated a lot! Is it because the universe isn't fair? OF COURSE IT IS.
If the universe were fair, there would be no reason to try anything new. We all could sit back and have our every desire and whim immediately manifested. No hangovers, no relationship issues, no money worries, hell, no worries of ANY kind.
But no accomplishment either. No failure to make us try that much harder. No victory in conquest, no accepting defeat and working harder to win next time.
Next Thursday, I'm going to visit the kids and grandkids. My grandson, who's four,  is on some kind of T-ball team. His last game of the year is Friday. My daughter asked if we'd be staying for his game. I told her Rose had to work Saturday, and we'd be leaving before the game to get back so she could rest before her work week started.
My daughter said that that was okay, because his coach doesn't put him into play anyway, because he gets distracted in the outfield.
This kid is FOUR! What the fuck is there in the OUTFIELD that's supposed to be that almighty interesting enough to hold the attention of a four year old.
And why would he want to keep focused, when no-one wins or looses anyway? Fucking bleeding hearts. So concerned with Little Johnnie's emotional equilibrium that they turn him into a simpering pussy unable to deal with reality. And yet have no problem telling a four year old he's not "good enough" to play in an actual game. Even when no one keeps score.
We're turning into The United States of Whose Line Is It Anyway? No one keeps score, and the points don't matter.
I'd love to see those fucked up liberal bleeding heart's faces when one of these kids hits highschool and has them in the sights of a sniper rifle after climbing the bell tower because he asked that cute little redhead in homeroom for a date and she told him to take a hike.
Poetic irony, that....

Monday, June 1, 2015

maybe I'll get a break...

By the time my disability check comes in every month, I'm always overdrawn. Which is the reason I opted for the overdraft protection on my account. There are times I'd rather pay the $34.00 fees than go without electric, food, or gas.
I was in this unfortunate position this month on the 15th, when a boat that I'm helping a friend sell, for a small commission, was bought from an unknown buyer.
Said unknown buyer sent me a check, which I deposited in my account.
After three days, when I didn't see the funds posted, I called the bank, and was informed the check was written on a bogus account, and due to possible fraud, my account had been placed on hold.
I went into the bank and talked to a manager, as I was concerned that my SSD check was coming in on the 20th, and I'd need access to my funds. I was told that I needed to open a new account to ensure the funds would be available, and did so.
I returned to the bank on the 20th to get a cashiers check for my mortgage, and was told that ALL accounts had been closed due to opening a new account with a negative balance on a held account, and my SSD had been returned to the issuing authority.


It will take up to three weeks for the government to issue me a paper check and get it to me in the mail!
Quite frankly, I can't make it even two weeks without a check coming in (yet), so have been scrambling to head off the nonpayment notices. Late fees and penalties to apply...

Last Friday, I received a check in the mail from the bank headquarters stating my SSD had been credited to a closed overdrawn account, and as it could not deposit the funds, had issued me this check for the balance.
I called the bank (recording, of course!), and verified that my SSD had been returned to the gubmint. They assured me it had.
Called the gubmint and asked if my deposit had been returned. They verified it had, and a paper check was being issued.

Today, I cashed the check...

the unmitigated stupidity of the left

I was listening to fox news radio today, and the subject came up on Rand Paul's  belief that the NSA should be prohibited from warrants that allow megadata collection, such as from Verizon for all customer records.
A self acknowledged liberal Democrat called in stating his belief that it should be allowed. How else would we know who the terrorists are, if the NSA doesn't already have a name or address?
He then went on to say, "I'm not a lawyer, but do they even have to put an address on a warrant?"

I fervently pray this man is awakened in the wee hours of the morning with a flashbang going off on his pillow due to a warrant with the wrong address.

Why is it always fucking idiots who baa the loudest?

Sunday, May 31, 2015

why we still have a tyrant in office

Most of us who follow preparedness blogs or have a libertarian/constitutional mindset are people who don't like being told what to do or how to do it. We are individuals who desire to live within a framework of just laws while doing our own version of our pursuit of happiness.
Which is why we still have a maniacal and evil dictator wanna-be in the White House.
I fully realize this is in fact my own failing.  I don't want to lead the free world. I don't want to hold that much responsibility. A true leader feels, and factually is, directly responsible for the lives of those in his charge. I have a hard enough time having to worry about myself and my wife. I lose sleep over her needing a new pair of shoes, or attempting to try to make my small plot of land produce sufficiently for our own meager needs. I'd be full bull goose crazy having to worry about a couple millions of the poor, huddled masses.
I'm not a leader. Nor am I comfortable being a follower. As our country was formed by the Constitution, that all men are equal, this middle-of- the-road attitude makes sense. Personal freedom requires personal responsibility. And that requires effort on our part.
Sitting here looking out at my garden I need to weed, finishing my coffee before I go feed my livestock, and running through the one hundred and one other tasks I need to complete is enough for me both mentality and physically.
But herein lies the rub. I'm not the only American with this attitude. Most of us who tire of the tyranny coming from our government are those who want to be left to our selves to live our lives in our own way, personally responsible for our own personal freedom. NOT responsible for every Tom, Dick, or Mary who only want a free ride with no accountability for their own welfare.
And governments thrive on on this. We have allowed or leaders to be selected from those who are raised by that same class of mentality where hard work and ethics is replaced with greed and lack of accountability. No longer do we search for honest men who take on the role of leadership reluctantly. We now have "leaders" willing to spend millions of (usually other people's) money in a grand competition for power. From George Washington, who gave up this honor as having done his time, we have come to the point of a self-centered, egomaniacal tyrant who would be king.
We have come to this pass due to our own willingness to let others live as we wish to live; free. We produce no leaders as no one of us wants the job. We produce no followers as no one of us wants to be told what to do.
I admit, therefore, to a certain amount of culpability in the current state of our once great nation. But it was people like you and me, a conglomeration of professionals and peons, coming to a simultaneous decision that the time had come that created this country. Hopefully the time will come again soon that we will simultaneously decide to take her back on