Saturday, November 16, 2019

For Pigpen51...

I'm moving to the east side on Wednesday and Thursday this week, but it would be cool to get together wif our spouses for lunch before I go. Pizza Ranch in Muskegon is a favorite of ours down your way. Sunday through Tuesday, anytime...?

Sunday, November 3, 2019


One of my readers, Doug C., has offered a solution to our untenable living situation. He has a small house next to his primary residence available, and after meeting with him and his wife somewhere in eastern Michigan yesterday, we've mutually agreed on a price, seem to get along well with similar interests, and Rose and I are excited as hell to be relocating on the 20th of this month!
There's already a garden plot set in a fenced off area, room for my medium sized dog to run off his 3 year old energy, a chicken coop built into a large barn I can start a new flock this coming spring, and is basically everything we were looking for in a home.
We are looking forward to the newest stage in our journey, and want to thank all of you, Dear Readers, for your well wishes and good thoughts.
(Send some out to Doug also, for coming through for us).

I'd like to say, also, that whatever trials you may be facing, there ARE answers out there. We, as Americans, and patriots, have each other's backs. Governments rise and fall, official organizations fail from the weight of bureaucracy, but WE will always remain. There are a thousand platitudes: teach a man to fish... Charity begins at home... Good things come to those... And the reason these sayings ARE sayings is because good people are out there being noticed for actually caring about others.
Personally, I can't see society continuing on the track its headed. I fervently see a time when we will only have each other to rely on when governments fail us. And I know we are strong enough to rise to the task.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Kids are so spoiled

They really don't know how comfortable life has become.
When I was a kid, I had to slog through 6 feet of shag carpet, knowing I'd get a massive static electric shock when I touched the tv that has KNOBS to toggle between the three available channels, simultaneously adjusting the two long metal rods sticking up from the back to get the clearest possible reception, only to have my dad decide he liked the first station better after all. At which point I'd spend fifteen minutes readjusting the antenna to finally get it in clear just as the original program ended.
No wonder I spent my time outside playing...
And my favorite toy? Dirt.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Contact info

I'm getting comments about my situation from some of you folks out there. Some rather off-the-wall offers of help, some down right mean. And some honest offers of help. 
Just to be clear, I know I made the decisions to move here based on assumptions from my past. No, I'm not trying to make excuses. No, I'm not trying to get anything for free. And no, I'm NOT looking for someone to adopt my dogs.
The are some generous folks out there who have offered advice and possible solutions.
Please use my email xenolith1964@yahoo.com
rather than the comments if you just want to get hold of me. It's easier than making comments and more direct.

And as a side note, if it were just me, I'd hike out so far in the fucking woods no one would ever hear from me again. And die happy whether its a day later or decades. But I got Rose, and she's worth putting up with our government mandated structured society and Jack boot police state knowing she'd never be happy "out there" in the woods. Darn shame about that though. Bet she'd look cute in buckskin...

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Update for Doug C.:

Thanks for asking about us, Doug. It looks like we're stuck in this camping trailer through the winter while we try to put enough money aside to make a break for it. I've covered the windows inside and out to keep the wind out, and put up some panels around the outside to help keep the plumbing from freezing. Next paycheck I'll be getting some of those electric heating ropes and try to figure out how to keep the water flowing.
On a positive note, the harridan's brother has a girlfriend. He's been texting her online. And after actually meeting her next month he plans on bringing her to Michigan to live happily ever after at his side on his sister's couch!
Imagine the jubilation rife within the family!
At least living out in this camper I can honestly say my life situation is starting to look actually better than my friend's.
Keep thinking good thoughts, Dear Readers. I'll try not to overdo posts about my situation here, but it's nice to know there are folks out there rooting for us.

Friday, October 25, 2019

I'll probably go to hell for this, but...

39 bodies bodies were discovered in the back of a refrigerated truck after leaving a ferry east of the city of London on Wednesday.
While it's undeniably unfortunate for the illegal aliens trying to sneak into a foreign country, it is also undeniable proof to liberals that ICE is an effective deterrent....

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

FINALLY! Truth in reporting!

I tend to flip between news stations in the morning praying for actual news somewhere amidst the cat videos and puff piece reporting.
And then I saw this:

Monday, October 14, 2019

Gotta do what ya gotta do

This camper Rose and I are in is sitting on 4 flat tires, busted up back corner where they hit a tree backing it onto the property, no heater, and the awning is missing even though the awning frame is stuck out overhead. Makes a nice clothesline though...

We've been trying to save up a bit for the typical first/last/security thing to get our own place, and managed to put some back, but have come to the conclusion we're going to be in this camper at least through the winter.

So I have to winterize. Gonna take what funds I have and buy plumbing and pipe heaters to run the garden hose through, stock up on a few propane tanks, and put panels up around the outside bottom of the camper. My electric is going to go up as temperatures go down, because I need to run a heater underneath to keep the onboard water tanks, drinking and septic, from freezing, and another small one in the sleeping section to keep everything livable.

Ideally I'd like to build a six by six mudroom type extension outside the door so it doesn't flood the place with freezing air every time a dog has to pee, and to have a snow free place to wipe our feet going in and out. But don't see that happening. It's about fifty feet from here to the car, and just coming in when its raining leaves the floors muddied. Going to be infinitely worse after trudging through that much snow. And I'm already tired of the amount of mopping up from just the rain lately. When every trip outside, whether it's feeding the animals or dogs coming in from their bathroom break requires mopping, it's gonna be a bitch. Especially as I'll have to keep the mop in the shower all the time.  Thank God for bleach!

My biggest regret in all this is there's just NO ROOM. Every movement has to be considered to not knock shit over, step on each other, move everything around to cook, clean, or access anything.

Camping is one thing. LIVING in a camper is another. I don't recommend it.

Maybe Spring will bring a solution. Don't think I can make it another year without a garden. Wish I'd of known about my buddy's hag and her demon grandson ahead of all this.  Hindsight being 20/20 and all.

Friday, October 11, 2019

My wife HATES bridges

She's always sure they're going to collapse as soon as she reaches the midway point.
She showed me a YouTube video which I took the above screen shot of saying "See? Now you know why I don't like bridges!".

After watching the video I looked at her and calmly stated,
Well what do you expect, Dear? It's cheap crap made in Taiwan!

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Knee high to a...

Back when I were just a sprout, my folks would take us every year or so on an hour and a half long drive to the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids Michigan.
The last time I had my picture taken (using my dad's old Browning camera) I came just up to the boy's elbow on this statue of the zoo's namesake, John Ball.
Those pictures have long been lost to my past, but I took Rose to visit this remembrance of my youth, and she had me pose once more in front of this surprisingly still existing icon...
It seems like being out in the rain all these years done shrunk it.