Monday, October 14, 2019

Gotta do what ya gotta do

This camper Rose and I are in is sitting on 4 flat tires, busted up back corner where they hit a tree backing it onto the property, no heater, and the awning is missing even though the awning frame is stuck out overhead. Makes a nice clothesline though...

We've been trying to save up a bit for the typical first/last/security thing to get our own place, and managed to put some back, but have come to the conclusion we're going to be in this camper at least through the winter.

So I have to winterize. Gonna take what funds I have and buy plumbing and pipe heaters to run the garden hose through, stock up on a few propane tanks, and put panels up around the outside bottom of the camper. My electric is going to go up as temperatures go down, because I need to run a heater underneath to keep the onboard water tanks, drinking and septic, from freezing, and another small one in the sleeping section to keep everything livable.

Ideally I'd like to build a six by six mudroom type extension outside the door so it doesn't flood the place with freezing air every time a dog has to pee, and to have a snow free place to wipe our feet going in and out. But don't see that happening. It's about fifty feet from here to the car, and just coming in when its raining leaves the floors muddied. Going to be infinitely worse after trudging through that much snow. And I'm already tired of the amount of mopping up from just the rain lately. When every trip outside, whether it's feeding the animals or dogs coming in from their bathroom break requires mopping, it's gonna be a bitch. Especially as I'll have to keep the mop in the shower all the time.  Thank God for bleach!

My biggest regret in all this is there's just NO ROOM. Every movement has to be considered to not knock shit over, step on each other, move everything around to cook, clean, or access anything.

Camping is one thing. LIVING in a camper is another. I don't recommend it.

Maybe Spring will bring a solution. Don't think I can make it another year without a garden. Wish I'd of known about my buddy's hag and her demon grandson ahead of all this.  Hindsight being 20/20 and all.


Anonymous said...

Can you find a church or other organization that will front you first and last and then you can pay them back over time. Hate to see you spending good money after bad. I’d at a minimum just put pallets out to lessen the mud and mess.

Xenolith said...

I do know a place that will help here, but because it's only Rose and I, they will only support us up to an "efficiency" style apartment. Biggest concern for us is our 3 small dogs. I might part with the 2 year old big guy, to a decent home, but the little ones have been with us for 10-13 years... kinda hard to put them through that. Plus who would want old dogs they will have to support or put down soon?
As far as pallets, already have them out front. It helps, but once the snow comes it won't make much difference in the wet. Plus Rose already broke through one and cut her ankle pretty good. She's a plus size girl and you can't tell when one of them things are gonna give out...just snapped and put a nice gash in her leg from the broke end.

Doug C said...

Keep us updated on your situation. Do you have a place to winter?