Wednesday, June 12, 2019

At least THESE "wimmen" can't get pregnant.

Thank God for that.

Because them would be some fugly damn kids.

And the only way to fuck these ugly wannabes is up the ass, and it's been scientifically proven that shit kills sperm....

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Leonard Jones said...

I really do believe that stuff like this vindicates my dynamic
theory of politics. The Democrats are so politically tone-
deaf that they are moving the electorate to the right. The
gays and lesbians are now trashing the trannies and traditional
Democrats are rebelling against this perversion of title 9

Imagine you are a lifelong Democrat voter who fancies him or her
self tolerant liberals. I am talking soccer moms and dads who
drive SUVs and shop at Trader Joe's. Now imagine that your 9-
year-old daughter is forced to share a bathroom with 30-year-old
pederast who merely claimed he identified as a woman to gain
access to the girl's room.

Now picture your high school aged daughter and your college-age
daughter being forced to compete with biological males 1-1/2 to
twice their weight. Pushback is already happening. Despite the
fact this couple believes the AGW hoax, they are driving an SUV
because they instinctively know that mass=safety Another way to
put this is that even liberals love their children.

Opposition to sanctuary city and state status is opposed by 72
percent of voters and Marxifornia and opposition to illegal
immigration, on the whole, is about 60 percent. Nationwide, this
issue is 60-80+ percent against at the state level.

How many teenage boys are identifying as female just to get into
the girl's restroom in the hopes of scoring a piece of tail? Also,
how many of these tranny athletes simply cannot make the cut as a
male? It's a lot to think about!