Saturday, June 14, 2014

A journey to Iraq and back

Not that we have any business going back, any more than we should have gone there in the first place.
When will America's leaders start worrying about AMERICA again and keep our military for what its supposed to do...protect US. (Rhetorical question. We all know where BO stands...)
I realize obama will do everything in his power to destroy our country. He hates the United States and competitive markets. He wants to send more of our troops to Iraq. Or Iran, Syria, Egypt, or anywhere else they can spend their lives to foment unrest in the world. It weakens our military, encourages dissent, and promotes a One World Order. Which he somehow thinks he'll run...

I got to thinking about all this from an article over at The Week. A mostly left wing site, but it's always wise to know how your opponent thinks. This is the paragraph that stood out for me:

And today's Iraq is not the Iraq of 2003-10. While the administration appears to be mulling airstrikes, there's no call for the more than 100,000 soldiers we had on the ground at the peak of the war effort. And if we do decide to move forward with force, it will be against a threat that the entire region recognizes — along with al Qaeda itself — as a threat.

If the 'whole region' recognizes these terrorists are a threat, why don't we let them deal with it? When obama finally shows his hand, do you think some Middle East country is going to come to our aid? Obama is proving his affinity for tyranny almost daily. And yet if any country does decide to fight here, it will be with obama. Not with we the people. And he knows this. Other countries will either sit idly by hoping we take each other out, or actively participating in the hope of bringing down 'the beast' to share in the spoils.

We have no business fixing other country's problems, when our own government is causing enough for us here!

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Red Spur said...

I agree 100% with this.