Sunday, June 8, 2014

Turn Here Rose

At this rate, I should be completely ready to move out to the property by July.

Of  2018.

My grandkids came up on Friday for an unexpected (but ALWAYS welcome) visit, and will be staying through until Monday, and as it rained most of this week, in the evenings when I would have been able to get out there, Ol' Grandpa didn't get a whole lot done.
I did take my granddaughter out for a couple of hours. I told her I REALLY REALLY needed some branches cut of a tree I felled earlier, and gave her a small folding saw to use. She had fun helping me, and I weed whacked a bit to find more junk from the old house before I mow. There are a shitload of metal rods sticking up out of the ground, most of them cemented in, that have absolutely no purpose that I can see at all. And all the metal scraps from the burned house, rusty or not, would totally destroy my mower, so I pretty much have to use the weedeater over the whole place first.

Second non-productive week in a row. Half a month of sitting on my ass half the time, and watching it rain the other half. Last week it was the heat and my own frustration. I'm going to try to spend at least 2 nights out there this week, so I can make up for time lost and wasted.

But I'll get it done. No real hurry except for my own gratification, and cash is still not working in my favor lately, but after this month, things should pick up.

And I certainly have enough to do out there to keep me busy if I ever get out there!

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