Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Repost from last year.

I wrote a couple of pieces early in my blogger life, and still feel they are pertinent.
Yes, I know the premise wouldn't work, but something has to give!

Anyway, here ya go:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Someone oughtta

Now some of you may have done seen this, but since I wrote it, I figured I ought to have it on my blog too:

What if someone, not me of course, but SOMEONE were willing to WALK to DC and place OBarry and Holder in citizen’s arrest? For treason? For pissing on the CONSTITUTION? Hell, anyone got any OTHER offense……
Say this person had a loaded LONG GUN in a scabbard over his shoulder. Do you think this person would be supported enough by all these “patriot” bloggers and their readers to make it to the white house?
I follow a number of blogs. ALL patriot oriented. I don’t follow any political side. Kinda like “Joe for America” I believe it’s not right or left, it’s about right or wrong.
We have seen ENOUGH wrong. THIS government is NOT working. It’s a sound idea, but only based on the Constitution. This crap “same old same old”, and hide the facts, has gone on long enough, and we, the people suffer.
If SOMEONE did this, basically offering themselves as the “sacrificial lamb” (and SOMEONE has to make a start to the inevitable), do you think this person would have even a CHANCE of meeting his (or her) goal?
Cold nights with no protection, days of walking and no food, the inadvertent drone with no witness around……That sort of thing could dissuade even the most dedicated patriot. How many “patriots” do you think would take this misguided fool under their roof or watch his back as he slept?
There are so many folks out there whose opinions I respect whether they are Cutting Wire or some kind of Angel among us, or even a Small Minority, hell, WAY too many patriots out there….. I would think SOMEONE would be willing to either actually DO this, or support him/her in the endeavor. Every one of them seems dissatisfied with the Status Quo, and if you have some kind of Pitsnipe Gripe, it Should Not Be Questioned! Even an Ornery Bastard like me understands the need for SOMEONE to finally STAND!
But of course, no one would do this without the backing of patriots. If only SOMEONE knew that backing was there…..
Every patriot talks about what NEEDS to be done. What NEEDS to be done is have a person willing to stand as a central ideal to consolidate them.  If only SOMEONE… I don’t know……maybe someone who would write something like this….
Please pass this to any other bloggers you might contact…. Maybe SOMEONE can BE the pivotal event….it’s about time to stand and say: “NO MORE”.
(p.s.: any bets on how long it takes for them to come knocking on my door or audit me?)


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I admit it. I'm scared shitless.

I'm scared shitless to go to DC and call the Liar-in-chief out. I deeply believe that any effort from me to hold him accountable would be nothing less than suicide.

I don't have the pull, the finances, nor the following to accomplish this on my own. I am willing to make an effort to get the word out in some small way here on this blog. But so far, I haven't been noticed for the deeply insightful, brilliant leader I am. Apparently this takes time.

But how about the Glenn Becks? The Morning Joes?

Followers in the millions, and they spout the same truths we here do, and yet they don't use the actual power of a following they have to do any more than we.

Aren't these people supposed to be in it as Patriots? Or does mouthing off about the problems, and the Liar-in-chief, and how fucking CLUELESS he seems to be about ANYTHING in his own office, pay them a whole hell of a lot more than it pays us?

I've certainly drawn attention, as so many of us have, to the injustices and incompetence of the current regime. And I'm also certain I'm on some lists out there. I would hope I am at any rate. I try.

We are all willing to say "There's more of us than there are of them.” Or, "The police know that if we challenge them en masse, they don't stand a chance."

But until we can become organized, and it will take someone not as shamefully afraid as I am, with an already established backing, to say "Here, on THIS date, at THIS location, we take back our country!” I'm afraid it’s only the frustrated mouthings of an already defeated people.

I wonder how many of us would show up on such a date at such a time.

It’s one thing to be ready when THEY come. Defense of the home and the lives of you and your loved ones are rights of a free nation.

But are you willing to leave your job, and your home, to drive to DC on a set date? Are you REALLY willing to give EVERYTHING for your country? Service in the military is good training, but you enlist with the knowledge that you will be paid for your service, and that if something happens, your loved one's will be provided for. Or it used to work like that.

But are your willing to literally go to war with no compensation? No warm bed, or three hots a day? Are you actually willing to suffer deprivation, poor plumbing, and the body odor of the guy you HOPE is watching your six? Its not going to be a walk to DC and politely ask the Usurper to abdicate the throne. People WILL die in the coming future. And this time, 'the enemy' looks and talks just like you. I admit it, I'm scared. But I'd like to THINK, and HOPE, that if a leader came, I'd follow. I truly cannot answer a resounding YES! But until someone stands to lead we ragtag bunch of country hicks and armchair lawyers, I guess we'll never know...

Its so EASY and COMFORTABLE to sit here in my heated house, with my sandwich on the stand within easy reach, my dog at my side snoring, and say I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

Ain't it?



Heroditus Huxley said...

Glenn Beck can't/won't. He's been/is being poisoned. He says on his show that his doctor told him he has several rare conditions that mean his own body is doing it (according to symptoms and testing), but...after that came out, he started backpedaling on some of the things he said, and started informing on patriots who were willing to take action.

Xenolith said...

Which only shows the thinning of our Patriot blood. Fear of our demise or even the confiscation of all the crap we accumulate is enough to castrate us. If it's true he's being poisoned, (if), then I would think he'd be MORE willing to restore freedom to America. Only then would the alleged poisoning cease/be cured.

The Latin on my blog is there for a reason: cogi qui potest nescit mori - dulce et decorum est pro patria mori (He who can be forced, has not learned to die - It is sweet and proper to die for one's country.)