Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I'm talking about the card game here.

I LOVE the game of spades. I know all the tricks, I know all the odds, and against anything less than a better than average, sorta good player, I can almost always, sometimes, kinda, win!

There used to be an online game hosted by Hoyle. Good player interaction, made a lot of friends, some of whom I still email back and forth after many years, and had a lot of fun.

Its nothing like playing with four real folks around a table, but it felt almost like home.

The BEST spades game I can find on my phone has shitty connection, and I haven't found a decent spades game on the computer since Hoyle went down. And playing against non-human computer generated automatons is like masturbation. Sure, its fun, but having a good partner takes things to a whole new level...And no matter how hard the program tries, its just doesn't have that spark.

Does ANYONE out there know of a decent spades game where folks can shoot the shit while they play, or play for ratings, or just for fun?

'Cause this shit sucks!


stevierayv said...

MSN games has spades a pretty decent amount of players.
I still go semi regularly.

Randy said...

Microsoft has one, but almost every other game someone will start with a bid of 13 or double nil. Kinda sucks.