Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A civil war in Iraq. Or America?

The issues in the Middle East, with special regard to Iraq, are not our concern. It's a civil war over theological beliefs and it doesn't matter who wins. Life for most of them, once the fighting is over, will go on as it has for the last thousand years there.
The overall quality of life for the average citizen will go back to its average low quality state, and the rich will get richer as the oil continues to flow.

And what about when our next civil war comes?

Why do you think our current illegal president keeps supporting whichever side he thinks will win over there? He doesn't care who's right. He could give a shit about the reasons. Like in our own country, he will make up 'facts' and 'extenuating circumstances' to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt (to his sycophants) that we need to intervene on behalf of whatever side he thinks will win.

Granted, its not just him. Every president since Reagan has had the same agenda. Just not as blatantly as obama.

And we here, in this once 'all men are equal' country, are becoming the new middle east. Either you live from day to day, paycheck to paycheck, or even meal to meal, or you're one of the elite. The 'sheiks' of the upper 1%.

The average fighter in Iraq is angry and tired of being subjugated, kept in check by whatever regime currently rules. Much like Americans. The class of elites in our society care only for their wealth and comfort. If that comes from the labor of Americans struggling from day to day, so what?
But they're not totally stupid. The history of the world shows them that to protect their wealth, they have to foment hate and discontent amongst the masses to deflect it from them. We in America, mostly, have a degree of religious acceptance unheard of prior to our inception as a country. So the PTB use race, sex, age, or whatever else they can somehow skew into a tool to make a segment of our society believe they are being treated unfairly or unequally.

If the Sunnis, the Shiites, all those other raghead religious beliefs would stop believing the rhetoric of how the other side is subjugating them, or being force fed the belief that they are saving their souls by removing the 'heretics' and 'infidels', their elite rulers would be hunted down and shot like dogs. And then we have America. We have entirely too much religious freedom to use that to keep us separated. Even though most religions even here are used to separate the masses from their money, and increase the wherewithal of their leading elite. So they use politics. Democrats and Republicans constantly at each others throats, with trolls on both sides fomenting anger and frustration on the most left or right websites. They use race as a trump card to foment hatred between whites, blacks, and browns. They use age wealth as a means of separation, telling the next generation that the elderly are living off them, and those who earn an honest living that all their taxes are going to the lazy welfare participants. They tell women they are being used as sex slaves by slavering Neanderthals, while telling men that all women want them castrated.

We must not let them turn us one against another! The true battle, the actual conflict, is not between our neighbors and us, it is between a corrupt government who has usurped our power, and the populace they fleece for their own benefit.

Our government knows damn well that if the populace ever came together, their comfort would be taken, and maybe, just maybe, we could restore constitutional law to our country.
And it doesn't hurt to back the winning sides in the Middle East. For when, not if, we tire of our chains, the PTB can go to their pawns they placed in power there, and receive troops, weapons, and money from them because they 'owe' a reciprocal effort to protect our elite.

At least the III are blind to these asinine beliefs. As patriots, we see our country not in color, or whether your worth comes with or without a penis, but in the willingness to stand as a free man, a free woman, and rely on ourselves and our neighbors when calamity strikes. People who will work for what they have, and give charity when a fellow patriot hits hard times. People who expect quality for money hard earned, and take pride in providing that quality. Small craftsmen, small stores, new innovations without restriction; laws not created 'for our own good' and enforced by conscience and community rather than jackbooted thugs answering only to their masters.

I don't know. Maybe we could try to create a country, and in so doing create a model for the rest of the world, that is of the people, by the people, and for the people. Wow! What a concept that would be.

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