Monday, June 23, 2014

A thought provoking premise...

From an actually quite inane blog I happened across, on a rather pathetic leftwing viewpoint, I came across one comment (of a string of many laughable ones) that actually kind of gave me the willies:

My fear in this, is this: I'm all for removing the current regime and those in power who are obviously not there to serve the people, but themselves. Like many, I'd prefer to see such an action conducted peacefully and within the confines of the law. But as time goes on, it's rather obvious that this most likely will not end well. With that said, I have to wonder; Do the number of guns, the amount of ammo, and trained/experienced personell, really matter? Think about this, and I mean honestly. One outbreak of the right virus; the release of a chemical agent or possibly some other act, and all those guns, supplies, and trained individuals mean very little. In a financial collapse situation, all big bro has to do is bunker in for a while and then let the masses reduce themselves. During a famine, (whether naturally caused by drought or caused by highly inflated food prices) how many people are actually going to be able to put off the need to grow their own food and chose instead to seek other avenues of problem solving? Now I'm not trying to steal the wind from anyone's sails here, but I don't think people fully or truly realize what our 'so called' leaders are truly capable of. These people have massive amounts of power, wealth, and access to resources that are capable of killing billions. What will happen when their backs are to the wall is only a question to ask once that happens, but I don't see these people letting it get that far out of hand. Just saying.

 (As this was posted anonymously, I feel no obligation to give credit to the author, nor acknowledge the site.)

I wonder, looking at the atrocities enacted by so many other 'leaders' in the world today in other countries, just how far BO actually would go. We know that committing murder through the use of drones doesn't bother him. We know that our lives, unless they enhance his own, are meaningless to him. We see our 'leader' taking elaborate vacations and dazzling nights out, (or in, hosting vastly expensive parties), while we strive to make each paycheck last to the next. Would he use weapons of mass destruction? Chemical Warfare? Biological attacks?

It is very difficult to 'repel boarders' when the ship's crew is down with dysentery.... And we all know how one match can totally destroy a years worth of effort (or more) on a field of crops. It takes a lot of grain to feed a rebel army. And an 'army' truly does march on its stomach. Not to mention said army having to leave the family to fend for itself without a man's strong back working the field.

Our country, and we patriots, are in for a rough time. It basically boils down to the American Military. Who they support. I don't much care for 'Oathkeepers' as an organization, but I do remember my oath when I enlisted in the Navy, lo, these many years agone. I meant it then. I mean it now.

I will protect The Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND domestic.

 And where I stand, stands The Constitution.

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neal said...

I think biowarfare is cheaper when illegals swarm in, with healthcare being what it is. Anthrax, no problem. Leprosy, TB, lice, lots of small things snaking in.
Snake Oil, massive profits, take a pill, get in line.

Why spend money on destruction, usally softening minds, when the money runs out. There are always pathogens.

Cheap, and effective. Very multicultural, inclusive.

The Villlage People as Typhoid Mary. I hear clean blankets can be had cheap. Only used to cover the dead.