Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Tips, Tricks, and Tools

This week is kind of a mix of all three. Its about tarps.

A tarp is a pretty handy 'tool' to keep on hand. Why? (Duh!) to keep things dry, out of the sun, concealed. Basically to cover shit.

Like the ground if your working under a car. Nothing worse than loosing a bolt in the grass and trying to search for it lying on your back underneath there. Or splashing oil all over your pretty, landscaped driveway and leaving a huge smear right in the middle.
I have a tarp I bought years ago that I painted camouflage. Makes a pretty decent 'hide' when hunting, and keeps the rain off too!
Covering that window a tree limb just broke during a thunderstorm. Or redirecting that water leak under the sink until the plumber gets there. (Or, like me, fixing it yourself. Takes twice as long with about three trips to Lowes, but look how much money I saved...)

So, we've covered some of the handy uses of tarps. So let's cover another tip. Where to get them.
Tarps, especially ones that will hold up, aren't cheap. And the larger they are, the more the price goes up. I know I couldn't afford one large enough to use as a car cover for example, without having to give up something else. Like food.

But, try THESE folks. (And no, I'm not being compensated in any way by them.) I have purchased a couple of tarps, and they have been well above my expectations.  You may have seen me using the larger one on my excursions to Turn Here Rose.

So that's it for this week's T,T,&T. Now make sure you have plenty of tarps on hand. Wherever you get 'em from.


neal said...

Cheap cotton dropcloths for painters at Home Depot.
Not military grade, but not crap that does not work.
Add grommets, or just paracord the edges. Cheap cotton, oil or wax as needed.

B said...

If you don't mind looking "Hilbilly" then check out your local billboard company.

They often sell 20 X 40 + foot used sign vinyls that are tougher than you would believe. And cheap too. THey handle winds out on highway signs for years and are nearly impossible to tear. You can usually get a 20 x 48 for $20 or so.

Paint does stick to them....

Just FYI.