Thursday, September 11, 2014

Guess my ass is finally kicked. I just don't have any fight left in me.

The journey had to end sometime I guess. Most things usually do.

Bought land with 2 wells and septic. Can't use either one worth a fuck until I get electric.

Electric company won't put in permanent connection until a building is on site.

Bought a building fully wired, insulated, paneled, and even has an attic for all my extra shit.

Life is good, right?

Well, not so much. The building can't be hooked to electric due to the wiring being well pump wire, and not up to code for a family dwelling. So I tore out all the paneling, all the insulation, (which my dogs have subsequently destroyed,) removed all the non-code wiring, and bought a 4000W generator to give me access to electric until I can afford to rewire the whole damned place.

Bought a couple of pigs, sow is ready to birth any day now. Bought a goat to help clear the brush and weeds. Bought chickens for eggs, geese for an alarm system, and ducks because fuck it, I LIKE ducks.

Came home from my brother's house last week, and the generator I had chained to a defunct telephone pole was gone. Somebody cut through the chain. All my dogs were in the house, and wouldn't come out until I went in and got them, so as they are all friendly dogs, I don't know what the fuck was done to scare them so bad.

All my chickens are gone. Raccoons and a skunk. One of my ducks is gone, and my geese don't do me a fuck lot of good if I ain't home to hear them honking.

And today. Today I got a notice I am in non-compliance with the single family dwelling codes, and am required to vacate within the next 29 days, and cease 'dwelling' on the property until I build or buy a compliant domicile. Apparently, even if I put in electric, plumbing, walls, and all the bullshit amenities of a "house", this building is classed as an 'out building' and cannot be upgraded to a 'dwelling unit'.

So fuck it. I quit.

I got Cleveland county sherrifs arresting me for walking down the street I live on. I have land I can't live on and nowhere else to go. All my money is wrapped up in this place already, so can't do anything more. Gonna give the goat to my brother, and if he can't take them, I'll sell the pigs cheap to find them a good home.

Rose has been crying all day. I don't know what to say to make her feel it will be okay, because I don't know how to make this okay. I've run out of time, money, options, and faith.

I don't know when I will be able to post again. Or if. Apparently I can live in my car in the State Park if I pay for the electric hookup to be turned on. At least the water is free. But I can't live in a waterproof building on my own land.

I'll still check my email. And look for comments here. But don't know when I can post again.

Guess I'm done, folks. I tried.
Love ya'll. Bless those who have been my staunch supporters through all this.



Mayberry said...

Damn that sucks, sorry to hear all that. Death to all bureaucrats, code nazis and other assorted assholes of "officialdom".

Wraith said...

"We're from the government. We're here to help."

Man, I'm so sorry. Guess freedom just doesn't work in this country any more.

I don't know what to say other than I'm praying for you. Hang in there.

B said...

so how much do you need to get a start that will let you move forward?

B said...

how much do ya need to get a real start on things (maybe with a plan this time)?

jesse in DC said...

Jesus H Christ man....Hold on Xeno, there must be a way to move forward.Why is the building "not a dwelling"? Too small? Can you build a bullshit addition? Look on Craigslist for the generator... Shit man, wish I had some dough to send ya, but sadly I don't. Must be something though...
Jesse in DC

Gregg said...

Put it on wheels. Turn the "out building" into a travel trailer. That' show the tiny house folks get around the building codes.

Phil said...

You ain't done yet.
The Good Lord will turn you on to something.

Start looking for a RV or Camp Trailer.

I've had the damn things almost given to me.

Look for tow yard auctions.
They can't recycle RV's and trailers like they do cars and just want them gone.Too much wood and plastic in them.

I kid you not, I have a buddy who used to make a living from car auctions and he has bought five motorhomes over the years for FIVE DOLLARS EACH! Nobody wants them.
Put a battery in 'em and some gas and drove every damn one of them off the lot.
I'm serious, look into that.
I hate it that there really isn't much I can do to help you Pal.
I'm just a workin' stiff with a family and bills to pay but I am going to see if I can't at least spring for lunch.

Keep fighting,

illegitemus Non Carborandum dude.

Xenolith said...

To Gregg: Tried that route. Norman still requires certification of 'code' for ANY type of "manufactured home".

B: Honestly, I'm pretty much screwed. But if you want a breakdown, I went to the permit department this morning to find out what I need to get done. Here's the breakdown:

Heating (woodstove setup) 600.00
Sheet rock 120.00
Temp electric pole 200.00
Window (1 req'd in bdrm) 100.00
Fixtures Kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower stall, toilet, water heater 1250.00
Insulation 210.00
Replace septic pipe 120.00
Plumbing 280.00
Electric 370.00
Framing studs 45.00
Well (ctrl box, press. tank, 1"pipe to house, Conduit for wiring) 350.00
Permits and 'licensed' professionals to sign off on plumbing, electric, and structure, low estimate is 150.00 each, or 450.00

Basically, a hair over 5000.00. And that's not counting all the miscellaneous fittings, screws, nails, glues, mortars, and inevitable errors.

Ain't life grand? I figured I had most of this taken care of buying this particular building. Now I'm having to pay half again what the building cost me in the first place. And because I DID buy this particular building, I can't afford to pay to RE-do everything to make it livable, permits, sign-offs, and still eat, get Rose to work (including extra mileage for missing the driveway), feed my stock, and everything else with basic everyday living...

Seems if I stand still, they kick me. If I run, they just bite me in the ass...

B said...

As I posted on Lonely Libertarian, I got $50 to start your fund.

But dude, get a plan before you spend a single dollar. Get quotes from people, and get references to ensure you don't allow another person to screw you again.

Wait on the livestock until you have a secure place for them.

Same with your theftable items like the genny.

Assume that every person yer gonna meet and do business with is gonna screw you, and plan accordingly.


Email me a mailing address and I'll sens out a check today. Ain't much, but what I can spare. 1% of what you need, but it is a start.

Just be smarter about things this time.

Anonymous said...

Bout time to go down to city hall and shoot a few pirates. Plan well- make it during a city council or county commissioners meeting to get the most bang for your buck, though.

This comment posted for entertainment purposes only....(yeah right !)