Friday, September 12, 2014

Reply to 'Getting my ass kicked' comments:

To Gregg: Tried that route. Norman still requires certification of 'code' for ANY type of "manufactured home".

To "B": Honestly, I'm pretty much screwed. But if you want a breakdown, I went to the permit department this morning to find out what I need to get done. Here's the breakdown [after I ran to Lowe's and got some cost estimates]:
Heating (woodstove setup) 600.00
Sheet rock 120.00
Temp electric pole 200.00
Window (1 req'd in bdrm) 100.00
Fixtures Kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower stall, toilet, water heater 1250.00
Insulation 210.00
Replace septic pipe 120.00
Plumbing 280.00
Electric 370.00
Framing studs 45.00
Well (ctrl box, press. tank, 1"pipe to house, Conduit for wiring) 350.00
Permits and 'licensed' professionals to sign off on plumbing, electric, and structure, low estimate is 150.00 each, or 450.00

Basically, a hair over 5000.00. And that's not counting all the miscellaneous fittings, screws, nails, glues, mortars, and inevitable errors.

Ain't life grand? I figured I had most of this taken care of buying this particular building. Now I'm having to pay half again what the building cost me in the first place. And because I DID buy this particular building, I can't afford to pay to RE-do everything to make it livable, permits, sign-offs, and still eat, get Rose to work (including extra mileage for missing the driveway), feed my stock, and everything else with basic everyday living...

Seems if I stand still, they kick me. If I run, they just bite me in the ass...

(But trust me, all the moral support I've received is TRULY appreciated from all of you!)


Jesse in DC said...

What about scoring a used "single wide" someplace. Out east here you can generally find them for sale in the 1k to 2K range and moving them is not hugely expensive. They should already be to code, and are often sold off because people are upgrading.Not a perfect solution, but maybe a step. Travel trailer or camper?

hiswiserangel said...

I've lost your phone # and need your mailing addy.

Anonymous said...

i'm just some random dudde that likes your page.keep your head up and keep tryin.you will be in my thoughts.

Wolfen Jaeger said...

Buddy, I live in the Fort Smith area, but I'm currently moving, so all my finances are tied up right now. In a month I'll be able to help you with food or cash or whatever. I could drive to Norman if necessary, or mail to a po box if you got one.
Your story pisses me of beyond belief.
Between the local codes, and the local yocals yanking your genny...