Thursday, September 25, 2014

Latest update in the ongoing saga of "Turn Here Rose"

I know. You've been holding your breath, right?

So, here's the latest rundown:  I went to court on Tuesday. Sat in the courtroom and noticed that a lot of the lawyers didn't show up until just before their clients cases were called. So I wasn't too worried that I didn't see my lawyer there. (Of course, they don't expect LAWYERS to waste an entire day sitting waiting for cases, they're apparently notified a bit before they have to be there!)

I sat and watched as person after person left the courtroom. Still no lawyer. Finally, it was just me, Rose, assorted courtroom flunkies, and the judge.
He looked at me and asked my name. When I told him, (still sweating that my lawyer hadn't shown) he informed me that my lawyer had met with the DA on Monday, and my case was being held up.

My lawyers office is right across the street from the courthouse, so I ambled over and nicely asked "WTF"?
I was told, rather bluntly, that I shouldn't have shown up since he hadn't called me.

Hmmmm... He could have informed me of this a little earlier.... Anyway, I asked when my case was scheduled for now, and he said he'd call 48 hours in advance.

So I actually have no clue what's happening with my case and am in limbo status UFN.

Now on to the house:

Had my initial inspection yesterday. Not good. The inspector showed up a few minutes earlier than the 'code enforcer' who had sent me the violation letter, and asked me if I could lock up my three little yapping dogs, because "Julia might be a little scared". (Julia is the code enforcer).
I gave it my best shot, but three little dogs, all faster than me, were impossible to corral in a dog kennel cage, so I ended up just telling them to shut the fuck up and left it at that.
About this time Julia showed up, got out of her truck, and started doting over my little mutts. Apparently it was the inspector who had no balls and was scared of my animals. Unwilling to admit that he was the pussy, but knowing 'I' knew it, he got out of his truck and the inspection began.
Apparently, EVERYTHING about my domicile makes it unlivable. Contrary to all evidence to the contrary, as I have BEEN living in it for a couple months.
End result: Vacate, or be found in violation of code restrictions, and fined and or jailed for non-compliance.

I actually asked Julia if I was breaking any 'laws' and she said no, but he could file charges against me on the code violations.

Now, I understand the purpose of code restrictions. If I have someone building my home, I'd like to rest assured that the house will stand longer than it takes for the check to clear. But I was under the mistaken impression I was a grown man and able to make my own decisions about my personal safety and what I consider adequate for my needs. (Besides, I've assisted in building enough houses to know what I'm doing, and this damn 'substructure' is more solid than anything the 'codes' require!)

So Its a no go on the building. However, they say when one door closes, another opens. In this case, it's thankfully true. My nephew clears out repossessed and abandoned properties, and he has been hired to clear some land in Dibble, OK. that has a mobile home on it. Almost all the windows are broken, and the family that lived there left it a cluttered, absolute mess. Some walls have holes in them, there is NO area more than a six inch square of the floor that is clear of debris, and the door jamb is broken. But structurally, its sound, and I can have it for the taking.
Unfortunately, it will cost me 1450.00 to get the damn thing blocked up to put an axle and wheels on, although the hitch is still attached, towed to my property, re-blocked to let the mover remove his axle and tires, and then have to do the leveling and repairs.

But its a damn sight better than trying to fix up the substructure to meet the un-meetable code inspectors expectations, and I plan to tell the city of Norman to kiss my scrawny ass. Not on the left cheek. Not on the right cheek. But smack dab center where I'm all puckered up and waiting. (I can't even keep the 'substructure' on the land without some major foundation work, due to it being over 400 square feet, so everything I've already invested in it is gone. I can't even use it for a fucking workshop!)

Its gonna be a close thing though. I have to come up with about a thousand dollars or so still. Thanks to trying to get this damn other building ready for inspection, and the trailer has to be off the property its on and moved by the 10th of October. Or it gets bulldozed with the rest of the property.

And finally: THANK YOU Wouter de W., Curtis C., and Terrence and Emily B. I truly appreciate your generosity, and will do my best to pay this forward if I can ever get the fucking city off my ass....

God bless all, and keep your powder dry. (I may need backup!)


lineman said...

Will they let you park a rv on the property to live in...

Xenolith said...

Although frankly I don't see how they can STOP me, I was told it was only 'permitted' if I had active building permits and I
called it a 'construction office'...

B said...

SO will the "free" trailer meet the requirements that they have, and have you checked to see if they will allow you to live in it once you get it there?

Seriously, call and check before spending more money. MAKE SURE. Get it in writing if possible. Don't get screwed again.

Make SURE.

Xenolith said...

So far, by what I have gone thru with the permits dept, (pictures, dimensions, date of manufacture, etc...)everything looks good. I will need to have it tied down with special cables, but that isn't too expensive, and I can get the permit to do that myself.
Appreciate the concern, but it looks like if I can raise the money to move it, I'm good.