Monday, June 23, 2014

Signs of the times

Sorry, this one's not a bunch of pictures of funny signs* seen all over by idiots who are unable to either understand English, or have no clue what double entendre means.

This is about the patriot, or even more likely, a real 'gun nut' who plasters signs all over that are veiled threats of violence to intruders.

My closest neighbor out at the farm has a huge metal gate in front of his drive. And signs all over it.

 (Not actual neighbor's signs in an effort to respect his privacy)

And while all those are rather fun signs to paste all over your front entry, and probably quite effective to ward off the typical snatch and grab thief in the night, what happens when rule of law goes out the window?

Yes, I know. That can't happen here. 'Merica, and all that shit. But if it did, somehow, amazingly, say, in the aftermath of a major storm like the one in Moore, OK that happened a year ago and is just a few miles away from where I live, I'd really hate to let some asshole know that there were guns somewhere in the debris just waiting for you to get there first! I'd rather keep my mouth (and my signs) shut so the guns would still be there when I need them.

And what if it somehow happened like in New Orleans? You all remember Katrina? The fucking cops went looking for guns! They went inside peoples homes trying to find any gun available. And if you had yours advertised, do you for one second think they'd believe you when you told them, "oh, I lost all my guns overboard while fishin' last spring"?

Fuck, might as well just sign in to a National Registry as put a sign up...


*Okay, this one's funny!

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