Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sometimes, my wife is not exactly right

The other night, after reading one more post about how we talk, but take no action when it comes to our predator president, I posted a XenoBabes where I excoriated our inability to or unwillingness to act. The last line of that was:  “I know that by myself I AM impotent. But when we as Americans finally say Enough! (If we ever do…) ‘they’ will find I am NOT by myself.”

Now I did this because I know that my XenoBabes are my most popular, and wanted to get the message out. My wife, whom I love very much, but doesn't always agree with me though I am invariably right, talked me into deleting it because she felt I was being to hard on my readers.

So I, being a dumbass, deleted the post, and moved the next days post down a day for the enjoyment of my readers.

Apparently, someone had already read it, (actually, I had a number of hits before I changed it) and I saw the above quote on another post this evening. Attributed to 'Anonymous'!

If ANYONE has my original post, which I should have left as it was, or at least made it a separate post, I would VERY much appreciate the support that I actually wrote that.

Just for my own justification.

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DaddyClaxton said...

There will be no impeachment ...UNLESS TPTB decide it's time for the "excuse" to institute Martial Law. Believe me, if you say "Bring it" ... I'm with you. But it will happen when it suits them. UNLESS...HEH