Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Recap of the "VOICES" schedule

Every day, 7 days a week, XenoBabes at 8:00 AM - A bevy of scantily clad and unclad and, of course, tasteful pictures in celebration of the beauty of the female form!

Weekday posts at 2:00 PM:

Monday - For The Ladies post - A selection by Mrs. Xeno of muscle bound, chisel-featured gentleman hunks to appease and please the ladies out there for retribution of my blatant man-posts of naked wimmen! (I do of course limit her to 1 post per week!)

Tuesday - Politically UNCorrect - Various memes and themes of an anti-political nature. Includes racism, sexism, politicians, most definitely obama jokes, and any other -isms that I come across during the week. I do my best to make this rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. Just so ya know.

Wednesday - Random - All the other funny or unusual shit I come across. Some of its even worth seeing!

Thursday - Wimmen Wif Weapons - Sexy ladies with various weapons from swords to submachine guns, machetes to mortars. What's not to like?

Friday - Tips, Tricks, and Tools - Something I came across (or make up, what the hell) dealing with life hacks, unusual tools, easier ways to do things, or just some bullshit I think is pretty neat.

Saturday - Funnies - In a reminiscence of the Saturday Cartoons us old folks remember growing up with, I post Cartoons, funnies, old cartoon episodes, Sunday Comics, whatever... Just fun.

Sunday - Turn Here Rose - I recently bought a piece of crap land, and plan to move out there ASAP, but don't want to bore ya'll with it, so I limit myself to one post a week. Some weeks I don't have a whole lot here, some weeks I've busted my butt out there. Take what ya get, or ignore it, it'll be here if yer interested.

And interspersed with all this scheduled blathering, I post radical extremist right wing shit and anti-government prepper news I have noticed, and the occasional thought of my own. Some are actually quite good according to my wife, but then, she's required by law to say that...

I try to post at least one unscheduled post a day. And would like to thank both of my loyal followers for the hundreds of times a day they log on just to see if there's something new on here. I appreciate all of you!


Phil said...

Dude, you are way too organized.

What is this schedule thing you speak of?

Xenolith said...

Trust me, organized is probably the LAST thing I am. I'm a firm believer in a pile for everything, an everything in its pile!