Friday, June 6, 2014

No one left behind. Anyone ever heard of NK?

NO ONE left behind. I commend and applaud this sentiment. It is noble, it is honorable. It is also too limited.

Now, personally, I can find absolutely ZERO reasons to want to visit North Korea. It's like planning a visit to the zoo to camp out in the lion cage.
Kim Jong Un is a sick and twisted despot with delusions of deity.

And yet, Americans keep going there. Now I could give a shit about Rodman. He is blatantly and obviously a sympathizer with them, and if he got stuck there, it would simply serve justice.
But for whatever reason these other idiots went there, why does America not get them back? There are currently three Americans being held in North Korea. If they are spies for our government, then they should have the same protection and assurances we give our soldiers. If the government sends them in, whether its the CIA or due to a declared war, (or police action, as they now call them), I believe we have the same commitment to returning them to the US.

But what if they ARE only tourists? Stupid, misguided, inconceivably demented tourists, granted, but still tourists. Why are we not fighting even harder for their release? Soldiers know that part of the job is they may have to go to a foreign land and if necessary, die there. A simple citizen of the United States should expect the full protection of the government to ensure their safety. At all times.

Should we risk war for one stupid idiot who chose to go there. Yes. Absolutely.
We risk people every day going out looking for idiots that have no concept of the dangers adherent to going blithely out in the woods, or desert, and get their asses lost. We have cops whose job is to rush to dangerous situations (Sometimes. Unless they're busy...) to rescue people who don't know any better than to stay out of dangerous neighborhoods. And they're probably in that neighborhood to get drugs...
Do they deserve us to go to war over their stupidity? I doubt it.

Nevertheless, tell NK to release them. They don't, we go in and get them. By whatever means.
Its entirely possible we could lose even thousands of soldiers in this endeavor. But these are men who swore an oath to protect the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.

America is not the United States without its citizens. When you make that oath, you mean you will protect its people. Wherever they are. Make it too costly for these world-stage pissants to harm Americans. We managed (reportedly) to take out Bin Ladin. Why did we bother? Because of the black eye he gave us. We had to retaliate. Obama would never have been re-elected if he hadn't had some kind of victory. Everything else in both of his terms has been a failure, a conspiracy, or a scandal. We need to treat taking our citizens as a black eye, spit-in-the-face situation as well!

Now don't bother sending comments about how fucked up this is, or how wrong I am. This is a personal belief of how I believe now and how I believed when I was in the service. You won't change my mind or belief system. But our 'president' cares not for either this country OR its citizens. Whether what I think is valid or not, obama will never stand up to anyone else's tyranny, as it may affect his own plans. Tyranny is nothing new to him.

The worst of this? Look at the following pictures. Then replace every reference to Kim with Barack, and North Korea with United States. This is what our country is headed for:

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