Friday, June 6, 2014

How far do you think a man would get?

I sent  an email to Wirecutter before I started this blog, and later published it here, wondering how much support a person would get if he decided to walk to DC to put obama under citizen's arrest. I tried to find the post, but it seems my entire month of posts from then is missing. Don't know why, I've posted much worse since then...

I mentioned the individual would have a long gun with him. After all, walking by himself since no one seemed inclined to join in, he'd have to protect himself, right? We all know the police are no longer required to protect an individual!

I think that was my most commented on post. Everything from new footwear to a place to sleep was offered on the way if someone would actually do it.

There was NO ONE who said they would walk WITH that person.

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DaddyClaxton said...

It would be mis-guided effort, you would disappear POOF! Listen, I have seen over 20 DIFFERENT "incidents" where he is IMPEACHABLE. But they won't. What do you suppose the streets would look like next day? Heh, ... that's what I'm talkin' about.