Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WE know who Holder really means when he says 'domestic terrorists'

Eric Holder, the Great Defender of Justice, has decided, due to the incidence of 'domestic terrorist' activity here in the Grand Ol' USA, to create a 'Domestic Terrorist Task Force'.

Now, of course, one of his two faces is referring to the Boston bombers, the Fort Hood shooter, and similar activities we don't know about due to the diligence of our FBI, CIA, NSA, and other 4 letter words in thwarting them.

Of course, the other face we know is referring to US. We know he considers us "self-radicalized terrorists". We are the enemy. We know that there is going to be no looking for radical islamist, at all. They would have to look in the seat of the oval office first.

But this is nothing new to us, at least not in so far as his opinion of us. We see through his fa├žade of Defender of the Faith, we know he will lick his own shit off Obama's dick if so requested, and therefore he will use all the power of his office (that he won't use to reveal the truth behind the various government scandals) on us. We are the enemy he really wants to eliminate.

The DOJ is supposed to be concerned with upholding the law. Yet it ignores laws king obama says to ignore, while turning a blind and pus-filled eye to the so-called, (and undeservedly so), "leader" of the free world breaking not only the laws of the Congress of the United States, but those he himself signed into effect!

Stick together, folks. We need to remain vigilant not only of our own persons, but of our extended family here. We must not let our voices be silenced one by one without a fight. Keep sharing the truth and tightening the screws against this tyranny. WE are our only hope.

And at this point, don't hide your guns. It's no longer time to put them away, it's time to make sure they are loaded, and there is plenty of spare ammo. We may have to come to each others aid much sooner than late.

H/T to Lady Raven for the link!

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