Sunday, June 1, 2014

Turn Here Rose (Not so much...)

Its been hotter than hell here in the afternoons, and by the time it cools off enough to work out on the land, its already starting to get dark. I try to get out every Friday and spend the evening/night, then work as long as I can on Saturday, occasionally staying out there and working on Sunday. Not this weekend.
Friday, as I was in the meditation room (toilet), I heard running water behind me. On a quick check, nothing was running there, but I knew I heard water splashing. So going outside, I removed a section under the foundation leading to a crawl space, and saw water pouring off the boards of the floor. Couldn't see where the water was coming from, but it was pouring out pretty good.
Now, I can't get under there due to space restrictions on the sinking foundation of this 1925 house, and my fucked up shoulder, so I called the landlord.
He said he'd get a plumber out to take a look.

No show on Friday.

Saturday morning, called the landlord and was told the plumber told him he got held up on a job, and would be out on Saturday as soon as he finished up the job he was working on.

No show on Saturday, and I had to be home all day waiting. And by Sunday, I was just plain frustrated and pissed off, tired of running out to the front yard to turn on the water as needed, then back out to turn it back off. So I didn't get shit done out on the property this week, and that just frustrates me even more, because I really had no excuse not to go out today.

But I didn't, so sue me.

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