Sunday, June 1, 2014

My apologies to the Bergdahl family

But I just don't agree that we should exchange five terrorists for one soldier.
I'm glad for the family that they have Sgt. Bergdahl back home, but the reality is, he is a soldier, sent to 'war', and was captured. Yes, we should have done everything possible to effect his return, but NOT given in to terrorists.
What did we accomplish by this? What will stop the Hamas, Al-Queda, or the next flavor of terrorist from stepping up capturing more Americans now that they know our pOTUS is willing to make a five for one swap? Illegally at that, but what the hell, he's OBAMA!

America has become the laughingstock of the world under this asshat's regime, and made to look weak and ineffective. But as that is exactly his goal, I guess he's doing an exemplary job. We are made to look like terrorists by sending drones to kill one target, and killing innocent civilians along with him as collateral damage. Imagine if Brazil wanted to take out some nefarious Brazilian Waxer on American soil, and sent a drone to take him out. Meanwhile killing even one extra person. We would go completely batshit crazy for retribution. Or used to.
Even Russia, or China, used to at least worry if our opinions differed in theirs when they took some action on the world scene. Now? They laugh, shake their heads at our inane president, and go about doing whatever it is they choose.

Of course, they know they have nothing to worry about. All of our once great military strength is going to arming the ABC agencies for the coming war to restore the Constitutional government to this once great land. All they have to do is wait for us to wipe ourselves out, then come in and start farming the land already tore up by explosions to feed their teeming masses.

So, Welcome Home, Sgt Bergdahl. I truly am glad to have you back. Just not at the price we are still going to have to pay.


Chris Mallory said...

"No man left behind.". Unless we don't like having to do a POW exchange to get him back.

But hey, Nixon and Kissinger left men in Viet Nam to save a little face. Why not leave one man in Afghanistan?

Jess said...

I saw a photo of him at a press conference, which I can't find on the major news sites any longer.

He still had his straggly beard. I don't know what that means, but it's far from acceptable in the military and I'm wondering if he's gone to the dark side.

Jess said...

I was wrong; that's his father.


Xenolith said...

No worries. In every article I've come across, it appears to me his father is Islamist. Nothing definite, but the indications appear to be there. And like father, like son...

Heroditus Huxley said...

From what I can find, the critter was a deserter.

Xenolith said...

Yep. What I find interesting is this guy is (possibly? probably?) a deserter and a muslim, gets "captured" and passed around a bit, then our islamist pOTUS makes a deal behind congress' back to exchange 5 Major players in the Taliban network for his sorry ass.
Even if he was fucking JOHN WAYNE patriotic and American to the core, this should never have happened.
All part of Obama's plan...