Monday, June 2, 2014

Probably the NSA...

Of course, I'm just guessing. So many hackers out there these days, who knows. Let me tell ya'll how my day has been....

When I got up this morning, I poured my coffee, sat down at the computer, which, although I usually leave it on 24/7, for some reason I had turned off last night. Don't have a clue why last night was different, but it was. It had been on before that for probably 3 or 4 days.

I turned it on, and the access password pop-up (which is my account password for Microsoft Live) came up. I entered the same password I've been using for months, and it told me it was incorrect!

I don't USE Microsoft Live. I never go there. I use it to open my computer, then go to my homepage of My.Yahoo.com.
But after it told me my PW was incorrect, it told me to go to Accounts.live.password.reset to change my password.

Well, if I can't get ON my computer, period, how the hell am I supposed to get ON the internet.
AHA! my phone!
So I go to that website, and after 9,463 different screens, it says it will send a code to my yahoo account to change the PW. I go to my email, get the code, and go back to the Live page. Which has timed out.
This happened TWICE in a row.

Fuckit. I turned on my wife's temporary computer, (hers is out for repair, ANOTHER long story) and as she isn't password protected to turn on, I go online and go through the whole thing again, and actually got to reset my password.
Then I went back to the Live website, put in my NEW password, and the fucking thing tells me my password is invalid.

So of course, I go through the reset procedure AGAIN, and the same thing happens. New password accepted, logon tells me password is invalid.

So now what. I've exhausted all my local resources, and am frustrated as hell. So I get a phone number online, and call Microsoft. Some obvious raghead comes on, and after explaining all the above to him, often having to repeat parts because somehow English doesn't seem to be his primary language, he tells me in his broken English that he can't help me. Its a technical issue, and he'll transfer me to the correct department.
So now a female comes on the phone after a transfer that took over 10 minutes, and I go through the same story, often stopping to catch my breath and take my blood pressure.
This sorry ass bitch tells me I need to connect an Ethernet cable to my computer! She REFUSED to understand that I HAD connection, as obviously I had used my wife's computer, and it worked just fine, and mine used the same wireless modem.
I finally had to hang up one her. Either that or find a way to climb through the phone line and strangle her, and I really didn't want to go to India anyway...

I called back the ONLY number you can find online, told the idiot who answered (this time with only a hint of accent) what the problem was, and he said he'd have to transfer me to accounts. I had already told him that at the beginning of the call, but you know I had to repeat the whole story including the info on my first phone call before he came up with that brilliant epiphany on his own...

Twenty three minutes later, I'm transferred to another woman, go through the same shit over and over and over, and she tells me someone with access to my computer changed my password, and I should probably turn my computer off when not in use. The bitch ARGUED with me for the next twenty minutes that it had to be someone in my household, because all activity on my account showed up as belonging to my IP. Keep in mind that it's only me and my wife here, we haven't had any company over lately, we lock our doors when we leave, my dogs can't type, and this dumbass is telling me someone AT my home changed my password, because that was the ONLY way it could have been done, and would NOT accept the fact that I was a rational human being who would know who has used my computer. THEN she told me to  go into the Live.com account to see if there has been any recent activity that looked suspicious to me. I should probably add that at this point I went ballistic, and used language inappropriate for most adults, much less children, and EXPLODED on her that getting ON Live.com was my problem!
After a few seconds of silence, she again asked for my email account on Live, which I then gave for probably the 8th time, and she had already asked for to access my account on HER end, and she then (eventually, with much wringing of hands and pulling of hair) gave me a temporary password to log on.

FINALLY. Success!

So I hung up by politely hitting the disconnect button on my phone, (Man I miss being able to slam the receiver in their ear!) and logged onto MY computer. Went to Live.com, and looked at recent activity.

Twenty six hours worth of "password challenged" comments, with a final culmination of "logged on" and then "password changed". ALL from my own IP address!

I know for a solid fact I didn't do it. I know for a fact that my wife didn't sit here for 26 hours trying to do it, and was asleep when the actual change occurred, because I was still up at 12:36 AM. To the best of my knowledge my dogs can't type. So there is only one logical conclusion according to Microsoft Live accounts help.

I'll be back later, folks. I gotta go shoot my cat.

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