Monday, June 2, 2014

Gonna beat a dead horse. Because, well, I'm a MAN

Here's another excerpt from the internet on why men are, as the last paragraph of the article states, "leering, groping, cat-calling, date-raping, would-be mass-murdering" creatures.

...perhaps even more primary is the refusal of so many men to acknowledge their own emotional lives — their anger and violent impulses, their unjustified sense of entitlement, their hormone-addled horniness — and assert control over themselves.
The male refusal of self-awareness and self-mastery is especially galling given the chauvinist trope one still hears so often among men when they get together to bellyache about the women in their lives (or the women they wish were in their lives). "She's just so emotional" must be the most common shorthand statement of sexism in the world.
Implication: If only women could be more like men — calm, cool, dispassionate, rational — then maybe they could join us in becoming philosophers and managers and poets and priests and executives and artists and statesman. But alas…
But nothing.
The fact of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of wars, massacres, rapes, beatings, and barroom brawls in human history have been initiated and prosecuted by men — quite often by men in a fit of indignant rage.

And I really felt the need to beat this dead horse, because of the person who wrote it. Or to be more precise, the MAN who wrote it. A veritable icon of feminists everywhere!~

Like in his post "I'm not a democrat, I'm an Anti-Republican" which I posted about HERE, this shitstain Damon Linker, in one fell swoop, makes a total fool of himself. As the saying goes, it's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you a fool, then open it up and remove all doubt.

In the balance of the article Linker the Stinker denigrates all men for being angry, violent, horny Neanderthals, unable to walk past a woman on the street without tearing her clothes off and having sex right there on the street. Then go over to the local watering hole to brag to his buddies his conquest of this woman while swigging down copious amounts of beer. Well, not every man. Apparently, he himself is the only male on the planet with the ability to master and control these disgusting primal urges. Maybe he's queer. I don't know. But I do know he's so full of himself (and full of shit) that there is no room for the baser emotions of we lesser males. And he would never lower himself to actually have s e x...

So to all you leering, groping, cat-calling, date-raping, would-be mass-murdering MEN out there, bow thyself down before the perfection which is Damon Linker. Just don't bow down away from him...

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Fuck that cunt.