Saturday, March 29, 2014

This little slanty eyed fuck done gone TOO FAR!

I mean, its one thing to imprison, starve, subjugate, murder, and rape your own people, but THIS?? Oh HELL no!

Well, being a barber in North Korea just got a whole lot easier!
The communist country announced this week that all men will now be REQUIRED to get an identical haircut of the supreme leader Kim Jong Un!
Citizens of North Korea have always been limited to a list of 28 state approved haircuts for men and women. But now, guys won’t have any say in how they do their ‘dos!
What’s worse, Kim Jong Un’s high-shaved hair is a bit controversial already, with a former resident explaining that the cut is unpopular because it resembles the style of Chinese smugglers!
As far as female haircuts, it seems they will still be allowed to choose from 18 different acceptable styles. That is until the dictator decides his look is right for a lady too!
These poor people!   (source)
Next time you’re at the salon, take a moment to be thankful that you have the freedom to do whatever you want to your hair!

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