Saturday, March 29, 2014

I can't believe she SHOT me!

For those of you just joining us mid-program, close to two years ago my angelic, darling, loving, adorable bride of twenty years, was handing me an empty .12Ga. I reach to get it, she let go, stock fell into toybox, gun went off, so did my right shoulder. That's the short version. It was a stupid accident, and I accept the we both will pay for it for the rest of our lives.

Learn from idiots, folks. Easier than doing it yerself, and far less painful!

Anyway, the reason why I titled this post what I did, is: I actually got her to range shoot her .12Ga for the first time ever!
I've been telling her horror stories about how the kick would knock her on her ass, stock would probably break her shoulder, all the really FUN stuff, and she was to say somewhat skittish to actually try it.

Talked her into it yesterday at my brother's home range. She pulled the trigger, kicked back a little from the recoil, and with a shit eatin' grin from ear to ear turned and said: "That was AWESOME!"

But yesterday removed any chance of any doubt that my darling wife ever had any intention of shooting me before. SHE COULDN'T HIT THE GROUND IF SHE WERE AIMING STRAIGHT DOWN!

However, now that she has realized how much fun it is, I can get her out to the range more often. Incidentally giving me more range time with the pistols. (Got a 9mm derringer that kicks like a Missouri mule! Need to work with that one a bit more..especially because for some reason, I have to shoot with my left hand....)

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