Sunday, March 30, 2014

It's a gallon of tea for fuck's sake!

My adopted daughter took our grandkids and my wife and I to the circus on Saturday. I've been to a lot better, but it was the grandkids first time, and it was fun watching it through their eyes. But it was a bit of a drive to the city to see it, and by the time we got out, the kids (and us grown ups) were feeling a bit peckish.

My adopted daughter, (we'll call her Charlee, because that happens to BE her name,) pulled into Chicken Express in Moore, OK, and we went inside to eat. The car was already crowded, and kid's in a car with food and sodas don't mix.

Charlie looked at the menu, and decided to get the 30 piece chicken strip dinner, and that way she'd take some home to her husband, who had had to work, and the monthly special was a 30 piece with a free gallon of sweet tea. She paid for the meal, and we all sat down.

A lady brought the meal to our table, and Charlee noticed there wasn't a gallon of tea with the order.
She went back to the counter, and told the teenager working the register she didn't get her tea. He told her she had to order the "special" to get that, and she had only ordered the 30 piece dinner. She came back to the table, irritated, but not wanting to make a scene.

I asked her "Is there a difference in price between the special and the regular 30 piece?". She told me no.

Now, I don't worry too much about shit like this, I can usually handle the cost of a gallon of tea. But I know my daughter is struggling with two kids, and no one messes with my family!
I walked up to the counter, past a line of people, and asked the retard cashier if there were no difference in price, what was the problem with giving my daughter the tea?
Dumbass said I'd have to talk to the manager. No problem. I told the little shit to get me one. Now.

He called over his shoulder, and a manager came up. I repeated my question. I was told there was a price difference. Seems the 'special', with the free gallon of tea, was four dollars LESS than the 30 piece meal. I know, probably one of the stupidest things I've ever heard of too. So I told him I not only wanted the gallon of tea, but I wanted the difference refunded.

I can get real stubborn when someone with the intelligence of a cell-damaged amoeba tries to blow smoke up my ass, and this was a real piece of work!

Long story short. A LOT of pissed off customers behind me, because I wouldn't leave until I received satisfaction, one gallon of pretty good sweet tea, and my daughters overpayment refunded.

Yep. It was a GOOD day!

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