Thursday, March 27, 2014

getting excited

The land deal is looking good. I can't believe it. 50 years old, and I'm finally buying my own piece of this mudball. I have dreamed of this since I was a kid.

I plan to put in a mobile home, probably a piece of crap, and build up from there. I know enough on how to run electric, plumbing, and all the other tasks associated with building an entire house, and as long as the trailer has four sound outer walls, I can make it a comfortable home. I've done it before on land I rented from my nephew, including the junction boxes, complete plumbing, and interior, then when I moved, I left a nice place for someone else to live.

Not this time. I don't care if it takes me all day to put in a socket and run wire to it. I don't get as much done as easily as I used to did before my disability, but I can still do small amounts at a time. And my goal is to be fully solar, and as self sufficient as possible within a year of moving.

I'm psyched! A month ago, in anticipation of buying land somewhere here, I bought a couple of ducks, two geese, 3 rabbits, and 10 chicks. They are all doing well in the little barn style coop I put together, but will VERY soon need more space. This is the perfect place to build permanent cages and runs.

Gardening is going to be a pain in the butt, because I need to clear an area, but I'm sure my big brother will help out with his farm tractor. After all, I bought it for him years ago as a birthday present. Something he'd always wanted, and I had a chance to pay for it working for another guy. The look on his face was worth it!

Did I mention I was psyched?

And let me apologize in advance for the crap I'm gonna post when I move over there. Stupid shit like before and after pictures, garden shots, and baby animals born on 'the farm'. But not to worry: the Babes will continue, as well as my other posts, and I will ALWAYS post 2A and III articles as they come from the voices in my head.

Gotta go pinch myself. I'll be back later!

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