Sunday, March 30, 2014

Guess I'll try the III

If you read my blog with any regularity, you know how highly I value my 'membership' in the III community.

When I have had need, they have been there. When I want to bitch and complain, they listen. When I'm feeling depressed, they tell me to put on my big boy pants and suck it up, asshole!

Well, here's my current plight. (I know, "Again?!"):

I need a house. Not looking for someone to give me one here, just looking for information, ideas, or
"I know someone who has a piece of shit trailer for sale cheap to get it off his hands" kind of thing.

Don't need much more than 4 walls, and was thinking prefab shed types. Hell, I can put in electric, plumbing, insulate, and otherwise make it into a nice little cottage. For that matter, I have the knowledge to build a house from the ground up. Just not the ability anymore. The rest of that shit I can take my time. Run a wire here, put in a pipeline there, no problem. Rest up and get back to the next step.

If ya'll out there know someone who might know someone, let me know. I'm in the Norman/Noble area south of Oklahoma Shithole City.

Thanks folks, even if ya can't contribute to ideas, still love ya!


hiswiserangel said...

What's your price range? I've been looking at prefab metal buildings for house ideas, and there are some really good prices.

Then there's prefab garden buildings that I've seen turned into really nice compact homes.

I've also seen garage packages turned into pretty nice homes.

You can always check Craigslist, people have singlewides to sell cheap to be moved. They need rehab but you sound like you can handle it.

Contact me with what your looking for, size, price, and I'll help you look.

Xenolith said...

Thanks, darlin'! Price is dependent on up front/payments/contract. Don't want to spend more'n 500 or so on a shell, but willing to work wif folks!

Odysseus said...

Check the local equivalent of our "Big Nickle" basically the free classified adds only paper at convenience stores. Ours typically has adds listing such things as spec home building on a level site, or premade buildings, as well as quite a few reasonable owner financing properties in the real estate section.