Saturday, March 8, 2014

I feel committed, maybe I should be!

This blogging shit sucks! I probably should have listened to Phil when he told me I was starting to ride the tiger, way back when.
But then, I am male. Therefore, hardheadedness goes with the territory.

But having made the commitment, I feel committed to continue, and probably should be committed for it!

In all honesty, I love this blog. It has given me the opportunity to renew my faith in at least 3% of the folks out there, and meet some of the greatest people in the blogosphere that I have ever known, in any context.
Is it worth it? Probably not. Would I do it again? Definitely.
Half the time I feel like I'm doing intellectual masturbation here, and that the only person getting anything out of all this inanity is myself. And I can live with that. Masturbation is fun no matter how you do it!
But every now and then, someone will make a comment or send me some information, or just let me know that their are people still breathing out there, and my life tends to look just a little rosier.

Just figured I'd let both my readers know I appreciate ya. Thanks for your support. And for anyone interested, I have a 25% off coupon for psychiatric consultation. If you read this blog, you could probably use it!

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Red Spur said...

Heheheheh...... keep it up cause i frequent here often :)