Thursday, March 6, 2014

I really am trying...

It seems even to me that my blogging is slacking lately. But I swear I spend hours online every day looking for something new or at least updated to comment on.

But everything I see is the same old shit. Russia bad. Obama lied. Unemployment high. Take away our guns, take away our rights.

Its unbelievable how much shit is out there. None of it good. Nothing showing hope, with the minimal exception of the very few of us who know the bottom is dropping out. We don't want our great country to fall. We don't want our population to become equivalent  to some third world country's.

Unfortunately, its getting to the point that allowing the PTB to continue to destroy our country, alienate every other world power, degrade and debase our population, and wantonly dumbing down our children's education and morality, that we are being literally forced to stand against them.

Obama is an immoral, bigoted, racist, homosexual who fully intends to destroy America out of a deep hatred for all we patriots hold dear.

I'll keep scanning the MSM and other's blogs to see if any hopeful news comes around, and keep posting the goodies. But if I tend to be lax on my opinion posts, forgiv me. My opinion at the moment isn't to flattering...

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