Thursday, March 20, 2014

Another obama WTF moment

This sorry SOB runs our country like his own personal country club. He spends tax dollars on lavish vacations, pretty (NOT) dresses for the missus, and uses the secret service as his own personal gestapo.

And I understand he is by default the commander-in-chief of our armed forces, but this shit is a WTF moment of massive proportion. From The Washington Examiner:

The president ordered a Navy SEAL platoon to risk their lives when there was no target significant to national security to be captured. He evidently did it only in response to the request of the pseudo-government of Libya. That was confirmed by our new Ambassador to Libya Deborah K. Jones, who wrote on her Twitter page that America was "glad we were able to respond positively to Libya's request for help in preventing illegal sale of its oil on stateless ship."
There is a bond of trust that has to exist between a president and the troops, not just the special operators. Each and every one of them understands that they may be killed in the line of duty, and that awful burden falls disproportionately on the special forces these days. Every one of those folks I’ve spoken to has the same philosophy: “spend my life if you must, but don’t waste it.” If they can’t believe a president won’t waste their lives, they cannot — and should not — trust him.
This instance of the president violating the bond of trust is severe enough that a congressional investigation should begin forthwith. Why did Obama risk the lives of our SEALs for a few barrels of Libyan oil? We should demand to know. If Congress wants to earn its keep for once, it should begin an investigation that would start by subpoenaing Jones to ask just what she told the president that could possibly justify ordering SEALs to act like mercenaries for Libya.

Will we as Americans allow this egomaniacal Oedipus the option of currying favor with his political boyfriends by wasting the lives of our military? Special forces or not?

I'd like to see that sorry fuck pay for his crimes against not only we the people, but humanity as a whole. But by the time we get off our collective asses to do something, he'll have solidified his majestic seat...God bless America. I miss her.

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