Saturday, March 15, 2014

How I spent my Saturday:

Got up at 4:00 AM, drove 2 and a half hours to a small town called Erick, OK, and then rode with my adopted daughter and grandkids to another small town with the unlikely name of Shamrock, TX.

Have you ever been to a small town parade? Shamrock puts on a St Patrick's Day parade that epitomizes everything there is to epitomize of the small town parade. Horses, mules, old cars, mud trucks, cute girls in fancy green costumes. Yep. With the exception of everything being green in this one, it reminds me a lot of the yearly parade in Shelby, Michigan where I grew up. We had the Asparagus parade! That's right folks. Asparagus. Shelby MI is the asparagus capital of the world! And we even had a pair of twins that ended the parade and we called them Gus and A Spare Gus!

Okay. Shelby might have been just a LITTLE more lame than Shamrock, but you get the idea. Then they had a little carnival, where the kids got to go on some rides, eat candy, (did I mention that EVERY vehicle, horse rider, pretty girl, and clown in the parade threw candy? Grandkids brought home at LEAST 8 lbs of the stuff. I know, I had to carry it.)

Anyway, finally ended the day, tired, wore to a shadow of my former self, and ready for a nap, but had a 2 1/2 hour drive home. WITH my 6 year old, hyper, smart, cute and knows it granddaughter.
And spent the rest of the evening teaching her how to air brush, and destroying her room with that and other paints, oohing and ahhing over each new masterpiece.

It is now 9:00PM, I died about an hour and a half ago, and am now sitting here with her starting to drop off watching WreckIt Ralph.

How was your day? Mine was GREAT! Really! I'll post some pictures of this small town parade, and some of the rides and such, as soon as I get a chance. But she'll be staying with me until Tuesday, so it may take me awhile to get any free time. Brat's got a LOT of energy. I'm going to bed!


Phil said...

Heh heh heh, suck it up Grampa.....

Anonymous said...

Wonder where they get all that energy? They suck it out of everything around them. It's true. If they manage to stand in one place long enough (HA HA), the grass turns brown and the trees start shedding leafs.