Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ain't got no dog in this fight

I was doing some catch up this morning on my backlog of emails, blogs, and worthless meanderings, and read an article over at RedState about how ol' Mitt Romney hisself could have saved us all if we were just smart enough to have elected him. And I actually agree it'd been a damn sight better than another four years of obama. Hell, I'd have elected the city dog catcher before obama if I'd been making the call.
(And before any of you jump on me, yes, I think city dog catcher is bonafide employment, and takes at least the intelligence to tie your shoes, and am not intending to demean the position by using it in the above example.)
If you feel inclined to read the linked article above, hit the comments. They're the good part!

But why is obama so determined to 'make a stand' (albeit a lame loudmouthed blathering unbacked by a spine) against Russia "invading" Ukraine? What dog do we have in that fight?

Japan got too big for its little slanty eyed britches, and snuck a left hook in at Pearl Harbor. And as one of those little yella fellers said (I forget his name at the moment), they woke a sleeping giant.

911 woke America up for a year or two, and patriotism became again a noble pride. Unfortunately, politics on a global scale forced us to be effectively hogtied in retaliating. You don't go hunting down the son of your business partners and kill him because he gave one of your kids a black eye. Its not politically correct. Instead, you wage a War on Terrorism. An inconclusive, no holds barred, ineffective onslaught on an imaginary target! That'll learn 'em!

And while we're at it, lets upgrade condition yellow "just say no" to code red "War on Drugs". After only a decade or so of that, we can have states making pot legal, and thereby concentrate on the 'bad' drugs we meant all along...

We are NOT a global community. We are a politically, geographically, and individually separated country. I don't give a rat's red ass what my neighbor may do in his bedroom if I ain't there, or who he does it with. Just say good morning if we happen to see each other across the fence separating us as we go about our own business. If he needs a favor or a hand, I'll happily lend it if I got it. I don't do it because I want something back, or for remuneration. If I need a hand and he's not willing to help, then I don't have to help him later when he again needs it.

That's called society. As in being social. I don't need to go around my neighborhood with a .22 six shooter and tell my neighbors what to do or not do. That would work as long as it took for one of them to load .38.

Communities make up towns. Towns have rivalry. Who can be the best. Who has the prettiest, the most athletic, the least crime. If a tornado wipes out a large section of a nearby town, you give charity to help. You don't invade them and make them part of your town.

The only land you can manage is the land you stand on. I am never going to stop rabbits from eating my crops if I don't protect it, so I put fences around my garden to keep them out while I do other things. Like sleeping for example. I don't bring in wolves, knowing that they would just take over from my dogs, and help themselves to my larder of meat-on-the-hoof. I don't wage a War On Varmints, with the intent of wiping them out. Rabbits is tasty!
I protect what's mine, as well as I can, from adversity, be it man or nature.

I got a dog in THAT fight.

This not our fight. Why insert
the American people into the middle of it? The only thing we can do by
intervening is to squander our financial resources, distract our own citizens from our own real problems, make the situation worse for
the people in the Ukraine and more dangerous for ourselves.

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