Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Guns and Roses, a Consumer Report

No, its not about the band. (Sorry). Its about a couple of purchases I made online.
To start with, I'm the ''never buy a pig in a poke" kind of guy. I hate, hate, hate purchasing via mail, email, catalog, or any other means that doesn't include touching the item, smelling it, tasting it (when appropriate, (usually)), and getting a general feel for how well the item suits me.
Let's start with the Guns:

Hopefully, if your reading this, you've seen my post about the absolutely adorable little .22 short derringer I picked up on Saturday. If not, you really should go see it, it's cute! (Not a word generally associated with firearms!)
Anyway, .22 LR is hard enough to get ahold of these days, and .22 shorts? Fuhgeddabowdit!
Wanting to see how my little darling handles, and not willing to wait, I ordered 100 .22 shorts from ALAMO AMMO out of San Antonio, TX. $0.29 cents per shell, (29.00) and two day shipping for $12.38.  We're talking over forty dollars for 100 .22 shorts! But they had 'em, I wanted 'em, and that's the end of it.
Tracking info was sent to me on Monday, saying it would be delivered on Wednesday. All excited, I booked some time at the range for this coming Friday.
Today I received my ammo! .22 LONG RIFLE, of which I already have quite a few.
I checked my order: sure enough, I ordered 22 SHORT. So I got on the phone, and 'Eddy' told me the woman who filled the order wasn't in, but he'd leave her a note to call me tomorrow, and email me the paperwork to ship these back at their expense.
So I told him that that didn't work for me. If my wife didn't go to work today, 'someone' would have to cover her job, and I wanted my correct shells overnighted to me. If he couldn't handle this, get me the next in line in his COC.
Next thing I know, 'Freddy' is on the line, telling me my 'shorts' will be overnighted, I'll get them tomorrow in plenty of time for Friday shootin' and would I mind terribly shipping the others back at their expense on tracking number such and such?

I'm okay with this. I'm getting what I paid (too much) for, in time for when I need it, and will use Alamo Ammo again when I'm desperate for shells. Granting of course, I'll spend some time looking for a better price.

And now on to the Roses:

Some of you may remember the Valentine's Fiasco I had with 1800Flowers. Trust me, that weren't NOTHIN'. Last Friday I received in my email a $31.19 'discount' from Wesley Berry Flowers. I figured sending some posies to my Rosie out of the blue might bag me a blow job some brownie points, and even though I do realize they just raise all their prices by the amount of the so-called discount, I went ahead and ordered her a bouquet. And as it was Friday, I paid for the four hour express delivery.

This was at 7:00 AM. Long story short, I was on the phone better than two hours that day, 4 hours Monday, and about the same on Tuesday being constantly and blatantly LIED to by sycophantic idiots telling me either they were out for delivery, or the florist was upgrading the bouquet and they would be delivered by (insert time and date here) to shut me up and get me off the phone.

They finally arrived today. The only satisfaction I got from this company was over $200.00 (promised) in 'store credit' of which I have received two $30.00 vouchers via email, and learned that all vouchers will be in $30.00 increments or less, and can only be used separately. And I also got the satisfaction of looking up the owner of the company, finding his address, phone, and email online, and sent him an email, letter, and phone message extolling his lack of integrity, the lying manner of his worthless employees, and DARING him to call me personally to resolve this.

Ain't heard nothing from the fucking pussy yet!

End of report review: I STILL hate buying a pig in a poke!

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