Thursday, April 10, 2014

Where's the cover?

I see a lot of info on the land grab in Nevada by the BLM, but not so much out of the MSM. When Waco and Ruby Ridge occurred, nobody heard about it until after it was a fait accompli by the 3letter agencies who perpetrated those acts.
Now, thanks to the power of internet Patriots, people are aware of what the government does to control the populace.
I really want to see the political agencies try to shoot out Cliven and his family. (Not that I wish any harm to him or his family!), but I don't think it will go as well for the PTB as in the past thanks to the people being armed with as many cameras and video phones as the MSM.
The truth is being put out there for the world to see. At least those 3 percent that give a shit what's happening in our once great land.
Will this be the catalyst for the next war of independence? I really don't think so. The government has not succeeded in disarming the majority of Americans, and until they think they are safe, they won't start something they can't finish.
Will it happen, though? Eventually. They will keep going further and further to disarm us, take away our rights, ensure the complacency and obedience of the wolves in amongst the flock of sheeple who already go blindly along with them because, well, they're the government, and then try to make their move.
But if only 3 percent of us refuse to give in, they can NOT defeat us. They may take the land I spent 50 years of blood, sweat, and tears getting, but they will do so only over my still hot corpse.
I'm tired already of fighting the government, local and federal. But tired ain't dead. I may live in constant pain, but it has not yet made me want to lay down and give up.
I still breathe. I still have one good arm. I still have guns. And I'm still as free as I can be in this nation of a myriad rules and regulations that no one, not I nor even the fucking usurper-in-chief can know them all.
I abide by those I must. But I will not follow any law that tries to take away my inherent rights.
I'm told by one of my new neighbors that the fines for being self sufficient are very steep where I'm moving to. That's okay. Just because I'm still hooking up to the grid and will use a modicum of electricity, etc, does NOT mean I can't make it without 'em. I plan to ensure that my life on the farm can continue regardless of the state of the government. As long as they let me live in peace, obeying the laws that are just, I'll never be a problem.
But DON'T fuck with me.
Molon Labe.

(Ya'll stop by sometime, I'll dress out a chicken and we'll do lunch! Or rabbit, it's all good!)

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