Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Torture? I'd say poetic justice!

So, I'm up with the Missus this morning as she's getting ready for work, and the local news is blathering on, and on, and....

The main story this morning is a 'botched' execution last night. Apparently, (and I got up in the middle of this....) the "new" combination of drugs used caused him pain and did not work properly, and our precious lamb was left 'writhing in agony', so the authority in charge (I think it was the warden, not sure, I was still half asleep) called off the execution.
The 'poor guy' being executed died some 40 minutes later. His artery collapsed and he died of a heart attack. I don't know, maybe the stress was too much for him....
The result? All the fucking liberals in the state are up in arms! This poor soul had to spend the last forty minutes of his life being 'tortured'! OH THE HUMANITY!

This worthless piece of offal shot a 19 year old girl, and buried her alive.

And the second sweetheart that was supposed to be executed right after this, (guess it was a twofer) was postponed 2 weeks while an investigation into the drug used is being conducted. Of course, all he did was rape and murder his girlfriend's ELEVEN MONTH OLD daughter.
Isn't it more 'humane' to put a bullet in this perverted murdering pedophile than 'postpone' his death for another 2 weeks. He knows he's gonna die. He was minutes away from the needle last night. Where's the cry for mercy for this guy, who was in the shitting his pants stage, and now has to 'suffer' two more weeks of anticipation?

When did we stop hanging murderers? Fairly clean, you can do it outdoors, maybe combine it with a picnic if its a nice day, and the rope is reusable!
Hell, even a .22 bullet in the brain will do the trick if your worried about it being "quick" and not too much 'stress' on the (obviously misunderstood) murdering bastard. And I'll buy the bullet! If I can afford the 12 cents to put a couple downrange for fun, I guess I can splurge on one for a good public execution.

There is something inherently wrong in this being THE story of the day. I never heard of these two guys being executed UNTIL they were scheduled for the needle. That was news. The murders of their victims might have been on page 4e of the local paper, I wouldn't know, but it never made the headlines the death of this murderer has.

Its not just the trust in our federal gubmint we've lost in this country. We lost our spine. Too many fucking liberals pushing through their agendas under the cover of laws that protect the criminal and punish the innocent. Look at what we have in the Offal Office. A namby pamby girly-man whose only set of balls are between his WIFE's legs!
When did we lose our balls? No, really. I just checked to make sure my personal set was still there. Yep. No problem. So where are the ones our country used to have. Since when, when another country wants to get into a pissing contest, rather than pulling out our collective dick and letting loose like the firehose from hell, we as a country slowly back away with our hands covering the tiny little cameltoe in our pants from the manties that we let our leader wear?

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